1942 Pacific Front Mod APK (Infinite Gold)

Free download 1942 Pacific Front Mod APK to get unlimited gold, all ads removed and a lot more! This is a turn based game featuring the historical event [world war II]. If you are serious in playing this game then without wasting a single minute, download our all new modded apk that provides free currency. With a massive amount of free gold, you can dominate the enmey forces easily and can even reach the leaderboards top!

1942 Pacific Front Mod APK

1942 Pacific Front Mod APK features are given below:

  1.  Infinite Gold – Gold is the lifeblood of this navar warfare game and that’s why we have added 9421042104120 gold for free!
  2. Remove Ads – All the advertisements have been removed. It was hard to play with a small banner on top present through out the game. 
  3. Latest Version – You will always get the latest version of the game as avialable on Google Play Store.

I still remember playing the 1941 game on my Nintendo Family Computer back in the day and it was my favorite one to be honest. To my surprise, the same version with better graphics, new content and better gameplay is now available on Android mobiles and tablets! if you are old enough to play this game on consoles back in the day, you will definitely know what i am talking about – It brings us back to childhood! It is a naval warfare game focusing on the war between the USA and the Japanese troops happened in 1942 – Playing it is very simple and straightforward – First players decide to join which side & once you join the navy, you have to send the troops to the battlefield and win it. The developer “Handy Games” are claiming it is the best strategy game for mobile phones and being a huge fan of this game myself, I totally agree with them. All the things such as infantry, artillery, tanks, warplanes, battleships and submarines are present which means you will have to make your strategy carefully.

This game have a strong focus on the strategy part and that’s why you will be acting as the “commander”. It is up to you to lead the navy by giving them commands – Planing your tactics is the main key here and you must think 2-3 times before deploying your units such as submarines, battleships, warplanes, artillery, tanks etc. to win the battle. For every battle or war you win, you will earn stripes. The fact which makes it more interesting is that almost all the weapons and military technology that was present at that time is also present in this mobile game – I am talking about Torpedo, bombs, and bomber wings and a lot more… I have played many turn based WW2 [world war 2] but this one is much better because of its amazing gameplay, visuals, effects, and harder challenges. Even the graphics and the sounds are super-realistic which is yet another amazing feature this application holds. So what are you waiting for? Join the side you want general and lead the navy!

  • Challenging yet full of fun campaigns and missions.
  • For the best possible overview, hex grid is also available.
  • 100% support for both tablets as well as mobiles.


Download: 1942 Pacific Front Mod APK


There is a lot to do in this game such as raising massive army, leading them to victory, engaging in epic sea battles and so on. You will be fighting on both land and sea but the land battles will also be limited to the shore area. If you are looking for a strategy game that offers full-scale war and shows true weaponry and vehicles of world war II, then you got to try it out right now! It can be played on any mobile or tablet running on Android v2.3.3 and up.