Agent Alice Mod APK (Infinite Cash)

Free download Agent Alice Mod APK to get unlimited cash, infinite energy and a lot more! This is a unique hidden object game with a lot of action, suspense and drama – Being playing as the secret agent, your job is to solve the puzzles and mysteries that no one can understand. To help you out on the journey, we have added a lot of free cash in our modded apk! Use it wisely and you can also end the game in few weeks easily!

Agent Alice Mod APK

Agent Alice Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Infinite Cash – Get 823520305230 cash for free and keep solving mysteries and puzzles like a real secret agent!
  2. Infinite Energy – Do you hate waiting for long periods, so that your energy get refilled? With our version, there is no waiting as we offer infinite energy.

This is a hidden object game developed by Wooga in February 24 2015. This action adventure game involves traversing through the city as you search for items and arrest culprits in order to earn rewards such as cash, stars and energy. Players assume control of a special Agent named Alice Wallace who is a special agent operating in a city full of crime and thrilling adventures. There will be hidden puzzles for you to uncover throughout the game as you experience real romance and exciting actions. Your intelligence and wit will enable you to solve new mysteries each week. Play through spectacular scenes and solve challenging puzzles in each episode that entails. Prepare to encounter live weekly actions through spotting those clues and using your exclusive set of skills to reveal the hidden truth in the world of crime, relationships, romance and other deeper mysteries existing in this thrilling city.

The gameplay is quite articulate with lots of actions for players to enjoy. A lot of hidden objects are scattered throughout the city which waits for you to uncover. Some of these objects include timed matching, spotting the difference as well as lock picking. In addition, players will have to utilize her ability as a detective to hunt down culprits and bring them to justice as you uncover more mysteries. Agent Alice is surely a must play game for all action lovers. The kinds of live actions incorporated in the game are amazing while the cool sound effects and spectacular graphics spice up the gameplay. The game is featured with the old architect and players are expected to experience romance and stunning adventures as they navigate through spectacular locations throughout the world. There will be a new content each week for players to enjoy a dynamic range of actions all at the go. The game is highly available for all Android devices at a freemium.

  • A puzzle game with highest quality artwork!
  • Get back to the 60’s in this game.
  • Not your usual hidden object game at all!


Download: Agent Alice Mod APK


It is far better then any average puzzle game present on the Google Play Store – It contains a strong storyline as well as gives you the fun of being a secret service agent which is a big plus. Even in terms of technical issues, it is free from bugs but there is one requirement that users should complete i.e. minimum Android v4.0.3 – I think these days, almost all the devices comes with OS version higher then that by default so it will not be a big problem at all. Still not convinced? Look at this review: “Hooked! Can not stop playing this game. Not too difficult on the old brain!”