ANNO Build an Empire Mod APK (Unlimited Rubies)

Free download ANNO Build an Empire Mod APK to get unlimited rubies and a lot more! The time has come to build an empire of your own & we will help you in that. With our modded apk, you can get a healthy amount of free rubies which can be used to expand your civilization at a very pace. This is the most successful empire building game on other platforms & is now also available on mobile!

ANNO Build an Empire Mod APK

ANNO Build an Empire Mod APK have the following cheats:

  1. Unlimited Rubies – Get 39250230 rubies totally free and use it for expanding & making your realm more strong! This is the only thing you will ever need in this game as rubies is the premium currency!

This is a revolutionary strategy building game developed by Ubisoft Entertainment. This exclusive franchise was formerly a PC gamer but has been redone to feature in the smartphone and tablet arena. The gameplay is fun and addictive giving you something exclusive to pass time with as you challenge your friends to see who brings out a civilization within the available time. The game gives players a chance to build different structures piece by piece as they engage in challenging missions. During the first stages of the game, players are given the basics on how to construct the buildings. Each building constructed is aimed for a particular purpose such as education, religion and entertainment. Incase something goes wrong during construction, the game immediately highlights the problem. Players will be offered more than 60 resources to utilize which guides them during the construction process. Construct over 150 different buildings each following a particular layout and design.

Prove yourself as the best city planner who is capable of constructing fantastic buildings. As you navigate through the game, players are given a chance to construct other buildings such as metropolises, residential complexes, infrastructure and production facilities. The game is featured with a credible sound track with amazing graphics which gives all game lovers something fascinating to enjoy. Build up a strong empire to feature among the most powerful through constructing more structures. As you traverse to higher levels, explore new islands to widen up your empire step by step. Every new island you discover offers you unique resources which you can utilize. Plant as much as you can and wait to experience huge harvests. Invite your online friends to join you in this fascinating franchise where you can trade items and other specific resources. Shore case your skills as an experienced diplomatic merchant and stand a chance to reap huge resources.

  • A new breed of strategy game with a lot to do!
  • Expand your realm, trade goods and become the best!
  • Do you have what it takes to become the best civilization of all times?


Download: ANNO Build an Empire Mod APK


This is a refreshing game by Ubisoft in which players can start their own civilization. In the starting, everything looks easy but as you will grow your realm and the city, things will get tough and tough but that’s the part of this game. It can be challenging at times as you will have to manage the resources, time and efforts to grow your civilization from nothing to a big name. There was an empty void in “Empire building” space on mobiles but with the release of this, this space is well covered. No matter if you want to play it for passing time or to put up a challenge to yourself, it is all fun!