Beat the Bad Guy – Kick Buddy Mod APK (Unlimited Gems)

Free download Beat the Bad Guy – Kick Buddy Mod APK to get unlimited gems, unlimited coins and a lot more! This is a very simple yet full of fun action game in which you can beat a guy with a wide range of weapons, explosives and tons of fun items. We have added a huge amount of free virtual currency in our modded apk which means the players can now unlock or buy weapons, items for free! So download it right now and enjoy!

Beat the Bad Guy - Kick Buddy mod apk

Beat the Bad Guy – Kick Buddy Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Gems – Get 358932532053200 gems totally free! These are used for buying the better & rare items.
  2. Unlimited Coins – Get 9985302502300 coins totally free and then use them for getting better weapons.
  3. Weapons Unlocked – With the massive amount of free coins as well as gems, you can unlock all the weapons and fun items!

We all hate bad guy… Ain’t we? I mean a bad guy is the one which ruins everything no matter if it is a film it is in real life. Now, the developers of famous games such as whack your boss and Whack your Teacher have made this new game in which you can kick, punch and can even use FUN WEAPONS against the bad guy. There is nothing serious in this game and the sole purpose it was made was to have fun and entertainment. There are also a lot of weapons such as golf club, shotgun and even a dinosaur! It is also a nice way to outlet your anger in case if you are mad at someone. I would say, it is a non-violent way to let go your anger and start having fun. The best part is no matter how much you beat him, he will always get back up and ready for your next punishment. So how are you going to beat and torture him?

Beat the bad guy – kick buddy apk modded version is better then the actual version! The moto of the game is to make him pay for his crimes. All I can say while playing this hilarious game is LOL. I tortured the guy with a lot of weapons that are present inside the game and with every lethal weapon, brad acted differently. Like if you will use epic guns on him, he will act different. When you will use the explosives, this will make him literally touch the floor with the after effect. Besides the lethal weapons, there are also a lot of fun items especially the dinosaur. Out of all the stuff I used to torture him, dinosaur was the best one IMHO. Some of the key features you can expect during the gameplay are wacky graphics, crazy physics, sound effects for each beating and killer effects. The effects when you use a bomb are really awesome and will definitely make you blast off the guy again and again.. A lot of people are loving this torture driven gameplay actually… Just look at this review: “So funny guy I’m really laughing after playing it. Especially his reactions after after getting the beating are amazing.”

  • A full of fun game with no strings attached.
  • It is up to you on how you beat the brad!
  • Make him pay for all the crimes he have done!

Download: Beat the Bad Guy – Kick Buddy Mod APK


There are no levels or such thing at all. Right from the beginning, you can start having fun as that’s how it is really designed from the core. It provides a great entertainment value and the requirements are also very moderate i.e. Only Android v2.3 and up is enough to enjoy this hilarious action game. According to the developers, “Bug fixes for a smoother beating” is added in latest update. LOL I will say go ahead and try it out right now!