BOGGLE FREE Mod APK (Unlimited Coins)

Download BOGGLE FREE Mod APK to get unlimited coins, no ads and a lot more! This is a superior word challenge game developed by EA games for all the Android devices. The requirements are not that high which means it can be played even on a low-end Android device! We have also developed our own modded apk which gives free coins and also makes the game free from advertisements. If you want to enjoy the best out of this game, then downloading our version is a must.


BOGGLE FREE Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Coins – Get 83205032532 coins for free in this word based puzzle game.
  2. No Ads – We have removed the advertisements which means the game is now ad free.
  3. Scenario Pack 1+2 – Both the pack 1 and 2 are unlocked for free! This means you can now enjoy more challenges.

If you are good at solving word based puzzles, then you must give this game a try. This is a new free puzzle game developed by ELECTRONIC ARTS. Game is totally free to play with no strings attached except there is one thing – If you want to play the game without any advertisements, you will have to pay a little money to get the ads remove. Besides that, this is an all fun game for kids and even for adults who want to test their brain. Once you start, you will be shown a 4 x 4 board consisting of total 16 blocks. Each block will contain a letter [a-z] in random order – You will have to solve the puzzle by moving the letters left, right, up or down in the given time. On the right side, there were also be some hints shown on what words can be formed with the given letters. Even though it looks easy in a first glance, but as you will progress you will notice the challenges will keep getting harder.

BOGGLE Free modded apk size is same as original game [47 MB]. At times I was getting really angry because solving those tough challenges in short time looks unrealistic. All in all, it is a nice & challenging game. A total of 4 modes are available and each one gives you a different style of challenge. Facebook is also integrated in this game which makes it super cool. With that feature, you can invite up to 4 players to play against you and see who can beat the clock. I played it with my buddies and it was real fun and challenging experience for all of us. Besides the fun factor, it can also a good way to get hold of vocabulary and especially it can force one to think outside for box – The kids who strugle with words, it can be a life changer for those. So what are you waiting for? Download it now and get your access to 48 unique scenarios, 44 achievements, intuitive touch controls and a lot more!

  • 4 modes – Panic Flip, Portal Cubes, Time, and Self Score Mode.
  • Tick-tock. Beat the clock!
  • Form the words at the speed of thought!




The first release version had some bugs with Facebook login and inviting friends. Later on, it was fixed by the developers and currently, this game is free from all sort of bugs. The friend challenging function is real fun to spend some time with your buddies solving mind boggling puzzles. This is also not a money-hungry app like the ones which are flooded on the Google Play Store these days.