Chasing Pup-Emma’s Playground Mod APK

 Free download Chasing Pup-Emma’s Playground Mod APK to get unlimited strawberries, all levels unlocked and a lot more! This game is full of cute animals and an environment full of plants, trees and playgrounds. This game is especially designed for developing problem solving & visual perception skills – We have unlocked all the levels and also included free currency in our modded apk which means players can enjoy it a lot more now.

Chasing Pup-Emma's playground apk modded

Chasing Pup-Emma’s Playground Mod APK features:

  1. Unlock All Levels – All the 30 or so levels present in this casual game are unlocked. Now you decide which one you want to play!
  2. Unlimited Strawberries – Get 32532999800 strawberries for free! In this game of catching the cute dog, this virtual currency plays an important role.
  3. Remove Ads – All the advertisements are now removed. This means you can focus on the gameplay instead of watching the ads.

Chasing pup is an exciting 3D adventure kids game developed by TabTale. The game features little Emma and three of her friends whose mission is to disembark on a journey through the 5 magical 3D worlds on a bid to save their lost puppy. The game has been designed for a younger audience where kids are expected to enjoy the outstanding game play as well as think outside the box in order to rescue the lost puppy. With little Emma as the main protagonist, your child’s mission is to navigate throughout the compound from the fruits garden, the playground, the water park to the wonderland all in search of the lost puppy. With the presence of little Emma, am pretty sure your child will be able to traverse throughout the different worlds and complete the mission successfully.

You can expect  lots of action which will leave your child captivated all day long. Players will be expected to face obstacles which will be the only way to unlock passages which they will use to find Emma’s lost puppy. Your child will experience credible 3D animations, enjoy the game’s sound effects and run throughout the game’s environment together with Emma’s friends. Players will also be expected to collect strawberries and fancy gems which will allow them to traverse through different levels and further increase their ratings. The presence of monkeys and bees in game enables players experience a more natural game play were kids are left with no room for boredom. In my opinion, this game is more suitable for both boys and girls aged 6-12 years and is designed to develop visual as well as problem solving skills among most children. This fascinating game is able to transform your child to a problem solving genius using the available tips.

  • A lot of mini-games present inside.
  • Sound effects and graphics so sweet that you simply can’t resist.
  • Help the kids to find their lost pet!


Download: Chasing Pup-Emma’s Playground Mod APK


From the reviews I have seen on Google Play Store, it looks like everyone is just loving this game. This game is full of cuteness and adorable characters – On top of that, its gameplay is perfect for kids but that doesn’t mean only kids should play it. It is a casual game and people from all age groups can enjoy this free-from-violence game. Developers should definitely think about making such games that can provide entertainment without shooting, killing or doing other crazy things. It includes 30+ levels which means you will have weeks long gameplay and entertainment.