Crossy Road Mod APK (All Characters Unlocked)

Free download Crossy Road Mod APK to unlock all the characters in this game! This is an addictive and crazy game where you will have to cross the road while avoiding the incoming traffic of cabs, trucks, cars and so on. This is simple yet addictive game developed by Yodo1 Games. Any Android device running on Android v2.3 and up is enough to enjoy this new viral hit – We have also released our own modded apk [hacked version] which unlocks all the different type of characters present in this game. So if you want to play with the premium characters for free, then download our version now!

Crossy Road Mod APK hacked

Crossy Road Mod APK features are given below:

  1. All Characters Unlocked – We have unlocked all the 50+ retro style characters! Festive Chicken unlocked, Piggy Bank unlocked, EPOCH unlocked, Flea unlocked, Dragon unlocked, Unihorse unlocked, Ghost unlocked,The Dark Lord unlocked, Swift Snail unlocked,Floppy Fish unlocked & so on.
  2. Free Purchases – You can also make free purchases in the game store totally free! No need for spending real money on in-app purchases.

After the viral hit of “Flappy Bird” on Google Play Store, this is the 2nd game have gained a lot of popularity in few days time period. Can you believe the game gained millions of players in just 3 days?? Yes, that’s right – That’s how much addictive and viral this game have gone & you can expect a lot of similar clones popping on Google Play Store real soon. What’s more important is that this retro game is small in size only taking 20 MB of free space & Android version 2.3 or up. The gameplay is pretty straightforward: You have to cross the roads, train tracks, rivers and other places while avoiding the incoming traffic. Sounds easy right? Nope, you are totally wrong. In the starting, you might be able to pass through the levels but the upcoming levels will raise the difficulty level casting you to scratch your head. This is what GameZebo said about it: “A smorgasbord of vibrant, rewarding moments”.

It is retro style with no flashy or stunning graphics at all. In the starting, only one character “chicken” will be available but additional characters can also be unlocked via the game store. Around 50 different characters are available such as floppy fish, ghost, snail and so on. Playing the game with different type of characters can give you a lot more fun as this game is all about fun after all. I personally think this is a real great game with huge potential – It is games like this simple, easy-to-play with minimal graphics that go viral. You will not have a lot of controls to worry about in it – Just the direction controls using which you will have to cross the road, river or whatever the challenge is. One tip I can give to the readers is to wait for few seconds and try to recognize a pattern of the traffic – Once you find it out, crossing will be real easy.

  • Innovative game which is free to play.
  • Cross the train tracks, roads, rivers & a lot more.
  • Either play it for few minutes or few hours, it is pure fun.


Download: Crossy Road Mod APK


This is the type of game that you simply can’t stop playing. Every time you fail, you say I got to try it one more time – That’s what makes this game different and entertaining for all the players. A famous game critic Polygon said: “Just pure love and frustration, in equal doses”. This phrase matches perfect on this road crossing game.