Defend Your Life! Mod APK

Free download Defend Your Life! Mod APK to get unlimited diamonds, unlimited pills and a lot more! This have given a new unique approach to the usual tower defense as this time, the battle station is inside the body of human and you have to fight for the life. To give users more fun and most importantly to make things more easy, we have added a lot of free diamonds and pills. This will also allow the playesr to make free in-app purchases inside the general store of this game.

Defend Your Life! Mod APK

Defend Your Life! Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Diamonds  – Get 9359239523990 diamonds for free. These are the premium currency in this biological based game.
  2. Unlimited Pills – Get 92395932050235023 pills totally free! Pills are the thing that can make a huge difference in the game.

This is a unique type of tower defense game in which it is not about destroying the enemies or defending the base. It is about defending and surviving for your life! It puts you in the shoes of human natural defense system which they are calling “human body´s sentinels”. The job is to make sure, no virus and no bacteria shall pass through the human defense system. In all the time I have been playing and reviewing mobile games, I have yet to see any other application built on such type of idea. To be honest, this is really an out-of-box idea and never seen before. All the things you have to do in classic tower defense are also present in it such as making buildings, upgrading them, making troops, power ups and a lot more. The only difference is that instead of making all these things in the outside world, you are playing inside a human body. It is packed with several weeks of gameplay and that’s why it initial download size is 390 MB!

Defend Your Life! modded apk was last updated just few days ago! The battlefields where you fight with the incoming viruses, bacteria etc. are situated at 17 vital human body organs such as aorta, appendix, stomach etc. Even you have to fight for the command and control center aka . The enemies are also equipped with some interesting powers like the flu can divide itself and the devious Nicotinic can become invisible! That doesn’t mean that you will be at the mercy of these diseases. Almost all the buildings and the troops you on can be upgraded which means it will be a tough fight from both sides. To be honest, playing it is very fun because of its addictive gameplay, stunning graphics and most importantly original soundtracks. Gameplay spans across 17 levels and a total of 27 enemies aka diseases. So get ready for the final fight for your life!!!!

  • A lot of levels with battlefields as important organs.
  • You will have to fight to defend the brain too!
  • A unique type of tower defense that takes place inside human body.


Download: Defend Your Life! Mod APK


Ever wondered how your body natural defense system works? Well, now you have a chance to go inside the body and fight for the life! Especially, the background music changes accordingly with the fight and when the boss comes, a different soundtrack pops up. The review at Google Play Store are also stellar and shows how much people are loving it. I personally believe it have a lot of potential and will go a long way!