Doraemon Gadget Rush Mod APK (Infinite Bells)

Free download Doraemon Gadget Rush Mod APK to get unlimited bells, all characters unlocked and a lot more! After the alien thieves took away all the weapons, it is up to you to beat them and take back which was rightfuly yours. Made purely from fun and free from any type of violence, this game is perfect for kids and people of all ages. In-game shopping is powered by the currency “gems”, which is why we have added a lot of free currency in our modded apk to help out players do free shopping.

Doraemon Gadget Rush Mod APK

Doraemon Gadget Rush Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Infinite Bells – Get 248921491294912 bells totally free and start enjoying this puzzle game in true way.
  2. All Characters Unlocked – We have unlocked almost all the characters of the original game series. Now it is upto to play with anyone you want.
  3. Free Shopping – The game store utilized the “bells” currency for buying any item you want. As we have added a massive amount of free bells, you can make free shopping inside the game.

I would say it is a gift for the cartoon lovers as in this action game, players play as the doraemon trying to get back the gadgets from alien thieves. It is a collection of puzzle and rpg [role playing game] in which whenever a pair of 3 or more same colored gems will be matched, an action will be launched by one of the characters – It is a trend these days and developers are creating a lot of games based on this similar theme. However, this time the players can play as the characters of this cartoon series which is the real fun and a gift for those whose love this series too. The requirements are little to non-existent as only minimum Android v2.3 is required to play this game – So if you are looking for a quality action game with lot of challenging puzzles and rpg elements, then download it right now. Before we go further, just look at this review to get an idea about how good it is: “It is fun and interesting game – One can easily get hooked to it.”

The developer “Animoca” have released a lot of games based on this game series however, this one was much better and more engaging then all of the rest. Almost all the characters of that cartoon series are present in it and players can play as them – These characters can also be upgraded and you can unlock powerful weapons to make them more stronger. In the starting, you might not feel any need for the upgrade however, later down the road you will definitely have to consider upgrading. Combos, an important feature in the puzzle games is also present in it and can be unlocked by matching more then 3 same color gems – If you get super lucky and make a chain combo, fever time will be activated which means more points and more damage. The game ends when you defeat all the aliens and retrieve all of Doraemon’s 30 stolen future gadgets! So are you ready???

  • Compete with your facebook friends by comparing scores.
  • All the characters present in 1 game!
  • Title-matching puzzle with RPG elements.


Download: Doraemon Gadget Rush Mod APK


It is a fun yet challenging game for people of all ages – Especially for kids who watch the tv cartoon series, it is more like a gift as it will allow them to play as their favorite characters. Solving simple puzzle challenges activate an action by the character – So in a sense, it is a combination of action, RPG and puzzle. If you go at the Google Play Store, you can easily see that the fans of this series are already downloading and enjoying it.