Drop7 Mod APK (Remove Ads)

Free download Drop7 Mod APK to remove the advertisements! This is a free mobile game with only 1 in-app purchase and that is to remove the ads. This is a serious game and requires a lot of thinking – In such a scenario, having a banner ad always appearing during the gameplay do nothing good at all. That’s why we have removed it from our modded apk, so the players can focus all their attention on the gameplay rather then that flashy ad.

Drop7 apk mod

Drop7 Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Remove Ads – The banner advertisements that appear at the bottom or anywhere else in the game are now removed!
  2. Latest Version – Rest assured, we have made this modified version using the latest version of game as available on Google Play Store.

Although the game is hard to master, the style and innovation incorporated in this puzzle game makes every player wish to play it more. Other puzzle games such as Sudoku have managed to make their way across the world. This release by Zynga is another game in this genre which could as well make its way among the most fascinating puzzle games ever. Unlike Sudoku which requires players to have a pencil and a paper, this exciting game requires all players to have an idevice right before them. The game is easy to master with vast opportunities for players to prepare their minds for a mental challenge. It involves a 7 by 7 grid with colored balls each with a different number ranging from one to seven. The presence of classic modes such as normal mode, hardcore mode and consistent sequence mode further adds flavor and realism into the gameplay. Invite your friends for a cool challenge and view the leaderboard to for a chance to prove who’s the real master.

Players are expected to drop the numbered balls on a row or column where the number of balls matches the amount of discs. For instance; if a ball numbered three appears, you will move it on a row or column which contains two balls making the total number of balls to be three. At this point, the balls contained in that particular grid will disappear giving you points and space to hold more balls. Try as much as you can to get chain reactions within the limited time to earn more points. This exclusive puzzle game has received constructive criticism from reliable sources among them being; The Verge where it was voted as among the best 21 games which any enthusiast player must have. It was named by Wired Magazine as a “Deraged Awesome” while other sources criticized that the game was one of Esquire Magazine’s most fascinating and best downloadable game for any age group.

  • The new name of the puzzle!
  • Leaderboards which shows the top players all around the world!
  • Multiple modes, each one more better then the other!


Download: Drop7 Mod APK


At first I thought it is yet another puzzle game offering the same thing like every other app. However, once I started playing it and learned the basics, I found myself hooked into it. It is addictive and offers intuitive challenges which will make you cry or laugh at times. The basic concept is kinda similar to the sudoku but it is a very different thing once you start playing it. More importantly, it is developed by a game giant Zynga so you can expect a lot of fun as well as periodic updates too!