Evolve: Hunters Quest Mod APK (Free Credits)

Free download Evolve: Hunters Quest Mod APK to get unlimited credits and a lot more! This is the mobile version of a famous action game available on console. It is packed with action as well as puzzle challenges that will force you think outside of the box. Game relies on a virtual currency known as credits and developers charge upto $50 just for a handful of them. That’s why the team at insituvue have released a modded apk which rewards free currency.

Evolve Hunters Quest Mod APK

Evolve Hunters Quest Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Credits – Get 3959382503200 credits totally free! This is the only currency that matters in this game and
  2. Free Shopping – You can make free purchases of items and other things inside the game store!

This is released by 2K Games, Inc. and present in action category of Google Play Store. Although it is available in action category, but it also contains puzzle challenges too. So in a sense, you can say that it is evolved version of action and puzzle. It works in this way that when you match 3 or more same color elements, your hero will unleash a devastating attack on the enemy. So whenever you will match same color elements, your hero will do damage to enemies. So in this game, you don’t have to repeatedly tap buttons to unleash attacks or combos. Instead you will have to use your brain to solve the puzzles which in turn allow your hero to attack the enemies. According to developers, there are more than 100 exciting missions which means you will have months long gameplay! This is a high-end game due to which the minimum required Android version is 4.0.3.

Evolve hunters quest modded apk is made using latest version of game! The elements present on the board are called tokens. You can swap them left, right, up and down to make a 3 or more same color combination. Another thing to note here that you must keep finding combinations on every turn. The reason for this is that it is a turn based combat and the more chances you will loose, your enemy will keep attacking you thus lowering your overall health/power. There is another power called “hunter’s skill” which is activated when you make a match-3. Another sweet thing is that this mobile puzzle game is connected with the console version of evolve game. So any points you will earn in mobile version, they will be added in console version too! We have already listed that it requires Android v4.0.3 but there is also a requirement for continuous internet connection too! So are you ready to fight with massive beasts?

  • Solve challenges to unleash devastating attacks!
  • Rank up your hunters!
  • Battle through over 100 exciting missions.


Download: Evolve Hunters Quest Mod APK


The idea of combining action in the casual puzzle style games is really brilliant to be honest. Also, people are loving this so far that shows we can see a lot of similar games in near future. Playing it easy and especially the attacks you see after a match-3 are priceless. This also rewards the players in the console version as the progress is synced across both the versions. Definitely a must-play for anyone that is looking for a quality action gaming on mobile!