Fruit Ninja Champions Mod APK (Full Unlocked)

Free download Fruit Ninja Champions Mod APK to unlock all weapons as well as all the characters! If you are playing this game for a while, you will notice it contains paid in-app purchases for weapons. To help out the players, we have unlocked the weapons as well as alot of other good stuff! Download our modded apk now to find out all the cool stuff it contains.

Fruit Ninja Champions Mod APK

Fruit Ninja Champions Mod APK features are given below:

  1. All Weapon unlocked – We have unlocked all the different type of weapons. Equip them and become a real ninja yourself!
  2. All Character Unlocked – All the different characters are now unlocked! Go try them all and enjoy.

It is an exclusive action adventure game developed by Halfbrick Studios. This exciting game is characterized with powerful ninjas from every corner of the world who have gathered together to show their amazing abilities to fellow students. This is the greatest moment of truth which players have been waiting for since they will soon be involved in a fascinating race for greatness. Each of these ninjas possesses varying abilities. The question is; who will emerge victorious and most powerful than them all? Control your characters with ease and enable them to perform amazing tasks such as slicing fruits with an expert precision. Engage in stiff battles, unleash chains of attacks, dodge bombs and race against time to channel up your character. Each of the character has specialized abilities which you’re free to master and use during battles.

As you navigate through the levels, you will have a chance to upgrade your characters and unlock more abilities and powers. Invite your online friends to join you in battles to prove who’s the greatest hero in the arena. During gameplay, you will have a chance to summon your allies to help you during battles. Among the allies include playful foxes, mighty polar bears and cute bunnies. Launch chains of attacks to your enemies to unlock the Fever Mode and further extend your playtime. Earn more points and win more rewards to upgrade your weapons. This will boost your stats and enable you to dominate in the leaderboards. Weekly tournaments will be highly available waiting for you to compete and win awesome prizes. The gameplay has been designed with amazing graphics and a fascinating soundtrack giving players something unique to experience. This exclusive game has been readily availed for all Android devices at a freemium. An in-app purchase is also highly available for all players willing to enjoy an upgraded version of the game.

  • A lot of characters with diverse abilities.
  • Mystical perks throughout the game!
  • More better and more fun then the last version!


Download: Fruit Ninja Champions Mod APK


Slicing fruits with your blade like a real ninja is defintely fun.. If you have played the other games of this series, you will know what it is all about. This time, it is more better, more fun and has a better gameplay. Unlike the last one, it have exciting new characters, cool new weapons and a lot more awesomeness. Before ending, just look at a review from a real person: “I can’t explain in words how good this game is… I started playing it and continued playing for 6 hours straight… that’s how much amazing it is!”