Galaxy Online 3 Mod APK (Unlimited Gems + Space Bux)

Free download Galaxy Online 3 Mod APK to get unlimited space bux and unlimited gems! It takes you in the future where colonies are being based on the separate planets and war is a common thing for everyday. In such environment, you as a commander must take your base to greatness by doing whatever it takes to do so! To help out the players, our modded apk is now released which is filled with a lot of free currency – If you use this currency wisely, you can easily become the top player in entire galaxy!

Galaxy Online 3 Mod APK

Galaxy Online 3 Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Gems – Running short of gems? With our version, you can get 394932050230 gems for free!
  2. Unlimited Space Bux – Get 994203402100 space bux for free! This will allow you to turn your outpost into a  beacon of the Galactic Federation.

This is a strategy game but takes place far away in the Galaxy. Unlike other similar games where you start off with a small outpost, in this one you will start with a whole planet of your own. For the first time launch, there is a tutorial showing how to play this game and will basically take you through the initial steps. If I have to define it in few words I would say it involves building outposts, gathering resources, hunting the outlaws and most importantly, competing with rival Commanders! If you still do not know, it is a online game [like clash of clans but takes place outside of this planet] – However, unlike COC there is a lot more to this game like built-in missions where you can hunt down space pirates, weekly tournaments, league matches and a lot more. It might look a normal game in first sight but deep down, it is a lot more like a full galaxy!

There are two parts of this game: First one is to focus on gathering resources and expanding/upgrading your base. The 2nd part is about competing with rival commanders to earn place among the Federation’s High Council! Captain is an important unit in this entire game and hands down the most valuable – Each captain carry different type of skills and will only do good for your outpost. If you use their special skills strategically, you can easily turn the tide of any battle! Sci-Fi is also an important part of this game and can be seen throughout the gameplay – Like the buildings alone will make you feel you are living in the future and then there are the space ships and advanced weaponry that simply doesn’t exist in today’s world. IGG claims it is a free game supported by in-app purchases. From what I see inside the game, two currencies “space bux” and “gems” are available in exchange of real money.

  • Defend Your Base and Ravage Resources.
  • Use technology of the next age and take your base to greatness!
  • Create the ultimate galactic empire of all times.


Download: Galaxy Online 3 Mod APK


Game is pretty easy to play and once you get hold of things, everything will be easy and smooth. Even if you are not into strategy games but like the future warfare and Sci-Fi then this game is also good choice. Furthermore, it is developed by a IGG which are the developer of castle clash and clash of lords 2 so you can’t really go wrong. However, like any other similar game a continuous internet connection is required as it is an online game. So are you ready to build your own empire somewhere far away in the galaxy?