Garden Fever Mod APK (Unlimited Coins)

Free download Garden Fever Mod APK to get unlimited coins, unlimited lives and a lot more! Welcome to this green fruit matching adventure which will take you more closer to the nature while having fun. With very minimal design yet effective gameplay, one can easily get addicted to this entertaining game. We have added a lot of free coins in our modded apk after receiving a lot of requests from people to do so.

Garden Fever Mod APK

Garden Fever Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Coins – Get 94924912424012 coins totally free! In this match-3, coins are the only thing need for lives and all the stuff.
  2. Unlimited Lives – With infinite amount of coins, you can keep recharging your lives again and again! You can even permanently increase your lives from 5 to 8!
  3. Updated – We have made this hacked version with latest available game version [as available on Google Play Store].

As the name suggests, this puzzle game by gameone is full of green farms, fruits, vegetables and all the related stuff. This is a match-3 type which means you have to match 3 or more same vegetables or fruits. For moving the elements, you have to use swipe to move them in that particular direction. Once 3 or more of the element matches, they will be removed from the board. As in any other similar game, boosters are also an important part of it and can be activated by matching more then 3 fruits. Almost all the levels are garden themed with matching background sceneries, sound effects and stunning musics. Not only that, I played all the hundreds of level it contains and they do not look similar at all. You can feel the uniqueness and a different challenge in all the levels which makes it a good choice for next puzzle game. The developers are claiming that::: “It’s the BEST farm matching game ever!” P.S. It requires Android 2.3 and up with content rating of low maturity.

I also found that the developer gameone is good at pushing new updates. During the time I played this game, I encountered several updates with new content, new levels and new content. So no matter if you make your way to all the levels and finish them, you will always have some more stuff, more levels with every update. Now let’s look at how the combos are activated: On each level, there are several fruit bombs but they are rare. Often times, they will be very far from each other too… If you manage to match them, a combo will be activated resulting in clearing a lot of fruits from the board. You can say it belong to that category which are easy and fun to play, but hard to be master! If you are still unsure if it is a good choice or not, then read this review from an actual player: “Very addictive with bright and stunning graphics. Once you start playing, there is no going back.”

  • A colorful adventure with all garden fruits and vegetables!
  • Match fruits, activate combos and complete the levels!
  • Hundreds of available levels! More levels also added on each update.


Download: Garden Fever Mod APK


The developers have given a nice touch to the oldest genre of mobile gaming i.e. puzzle. Whole game is full of colorful and green levels and most importantly, the challenges during each level are different. Difficulty increases with each level and so do the fun and entertainment. Also it only utilizes a single virtual currency called “coins” which are used for all the stuff. With only 1 currency to focus on, playing it becomes a lot more easy and fun.