Heroes and Knights Mod APK (Free Ruby)

Free download Heroes and Knights Mod APK to get unlimited ruby, unlimited gold and a lot more! This is the latest version of our modded apk packed with a lot of exciting features and cheats. Most importantly, we have added a lot of all the currencies being used in this role playing game. We all know, how much important role these virtual currencies play in the gameplay and that’s why we have added a lot to help out all the players! So are you ready to take your gameplay to the next level by unlocking new heroes, getting better weapons and so on?

Heroes and Knights Mod APK

Heroes and Knights Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Infinite Ruby – Get 398583205032 rubies for free! Remember, this is the most hard to get currency in this role playing adventure!
  2. Free Gold – Get 95320503230 gold coins for free. You can use the coins for upgrading or for better equipment!
  3. Free keys – Get 93294920 keys for free and use it to unlock new heroes or whatever you wish!
  4. Battle Wings – Get 94923003 battle wings for free! Remember, for starting any mission, you will need battle wings.

It is combination of action, adventure & RPG developed by the NHN Entertainment Corp. The game, whose version is now available in English, has been designed to give all game lovers something fascinating to enjoy in this new year of 2015. The game features a great battle where the heroes must save the fallen knights to stop the end of the reality. An enemy has invaded the universe which is currently filled with chaos and rumors of war. Players are therefore required to assemble the best heroes at their disposal where they will battle with the enemies in order to save the fallen knights. Battle with powerful titans in different fronts using well organized heroes all across the universe. Come up with creative strategies which are able to defeat the enemies as you take full control of your army in this exclusive 3D experience.

The game features awesome heroes from different dimensions who are available to offer their help during war. Among these super heroes are: Succubus, Candy-wielding baby and football player among others. Each of the available heroes possesses different abilities which when employed are able to cause powerful chains of attacks against the enemies. Expect to face hungry mutated creatures as you climb through the path to rescue the fallen knights. Though the enemy might appear to be more powerful, your simple allies will appear as the underdogs in the eyes of the enemies. This will give you the chance to take full advantage of your completely confusing characters to take out the dirty occupants of the outer planes before the end of the reality. This fascinating game gives players a chance to compete against other online players in the ever-active intense PVP battles in a bid to become the ultimate hero of the domain.

  • Different dimensions with different heroes.
  • Exciting PVP battles where players can become the ultimate champions!
  • All equipment as well as skills can be upgraded!


Download: Heroes and Knights Mod APK


The story on which this whole game is based is truly original and unique – Also, all the characters present in it are in-detailed and looks like are designed by a true designer. Remember, there are a lot of characters present in it which means you can imagine how much effort will be put into the development. Actually it was available on Google Play Store for a long time but in other language – The new English version will surely allow the game to enter in the global market and people from all over the world will be able to play it. Without giving any potential spoiler, I would say, go ahead and download it ASAP – It is totally worth it!