Island Castaway: Lost World Mod APK (Free Emeralds)

Free download Island Castaway: Lost World Mod APK to get unlimited emerald, unlimited pearls and a lot more. All alone in the strange Island, your single goal is to collect resources and survive in this lost world… You can expect a lot of unseen challenges and quests almost on every turn of this game. This unpredictability is what makes it a complete experience among other similar games. To help out the players, we have added a handsome amount of 2 important virtual currencies in our modded apk which are the lifeblood of this game. 

Island Castaway Lost World Mod APK

Island Castaway: Lost World Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Infinite Emeralds – Get 94920340230 emeralds for free & use it to survive in this tropical Island.
  2. Unlimited Pearls – Get 898520230 pearls for free… This is yet another important currency used in the game.
  3. Free Purchases – As we have added a healthy sum of both currencies, so you can make totally free purchases in the game store.

It is a brand new mobile adventure game which s set to give all players a chance to fight for survival in this intriguing tropical island. Developed by G5, the game has been well set with captivating graphics, ample playtime, credible sound effects and a fascinating gameplay which will keep all players hooked deep into the challenging quests. This game is the third of the Castaway Island trilogy where players will have to find out about the other castaways in the latter series whether they managed to survive the island or not. The game’s storyline along with the fearless native characters will keep you entertained throughout the levels as you master the local traditions, unveil the island’s deep secrets, fight for survival and protect the castaways who are all under your command. The game features over 830 challenging levels where after every fascinating episode that ends, a new adventure begins with lots of actions to experience.

The game’s storyline revolves around a mysterious shipwreck where the survivors have to stay together as they find a means for survival and protection in the hostile island. Your first mission is to ensure that you take charge as the ultimate leader of the castaways to promote peace and order. Players will enroll in various activities such as building nine farms to ensure that there is a reliable food source for everyone to feed. You will construct fish farms, quail farms and crab farms. You will have to further build a lumber mill, a clay pit and a liana farm which will provide building materials for shelters. Traverse through the island to collect special roots, stems and leaves for magic portions. You will befriend 32 native characters where you will learn how to prepare 28 different native meals which will keep everyone well fed and healthy. You will however embrace a tough task if you ever wish to escape the island alive where you must kill a giant crab and collect ancient statues as you unveil the island’s dark secrets. 

  • Hundreds of challenges and quests!
  • Regular updates that will keep you hooked to the game!
  • A building game with quests, challenges and a rogue Island.


Download: Island Castaway Lost World Mod APK


If you have played any one of the game made by G5 Entertainment, you will know that they never do a half finished job. This game in question is fully complete and provides a great adventure on top of an epic building game. You will have to do all the stuff like any other city-building game such as gathering resources, expanding and so on… However, the added twist is the new challenges and the quests you will encounter through out the game. Another amazing thing I found is the regular updates… You will see new updates a lot which means there will be always something new to do in these tropical islands.