Jewel Raiders for Tango Mod APK (Free Coins)

Free download Jewel Raiders for Tango Mod APK to get unlimited coins and a lot more! In this game, the only thing you will need the most is “coins”. These can be used to purchase more items and things that will help the players to play game in more efficient way. So if also want to be a pro, then download our modded apk right now and enjoy! If you have an android device running v2.3.3 and up, then our hacked version will work perfectly!

Jewel Raiders for TANGO mod apk

Jewel Raiders for Tango Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Infinite Coins – Get 94853253200 coins for free. This will make this already fun game a lot more fun and entertaining!
  2. Free Purchases – As we have added a good amount of free coins, this means players can make free purchases in this ancient themed puzzle game.

Enlivened by movies such as The Mummy Returns and Raiders, this exclusive match-3 game takes players through an amusing tale characterized with lots of exiting actions throughout the gameplay. For the first time, players will have a chance to experience an engaging tale in the world of mummies where they will traverse through 140 different levels loaded with gold, gems, jewels and other types of fortunes to collect throughout the episodes. You will meet spectacular temples and battle with hungry mummies as you discover different ways and strategies to keep you going through each level. For players with previous experience with latter jewel games such as Jewel Star 2 or Battle Witch Saga, am pretty sure you’ll love this hunting puzzle game as well. This game gives players a chance to engage in a mission in search for the lost treasures. Equip your character and get ready to navigate through ancient tombs as you discover a lot of old remains and ancient antiques.

Prepare to battle with ancient guardians and overcome all the obstacles to keep you moving. Utilize your character’s skills and potential through engaging in stiff puzzle challenges as you use your exclusive skills to uncover hidden treasures and fortunes. Face lots of aggressive mummies and defeat them to unlock your way to victory. Use your superpowers to clear the way as you traverse through the temples. You can take advantage of your monkey storm or jewerdozer powers. Unlock new maps through calling for reinforcement from your online friends or simply finish each level with a 3-star score. As you navigate through the levels, players will have a chance to engage in challenging quests with their online friends to prove the greatest treasure hunter of them all. This is exclusively designed for those enthusiast players who enjoy hunting and puzzle games. The game is featured with vivid sound effects and gorgeous graphics enough to keep you captivated all day long. 

  • Gorgeous graphics as well as sound effects.
  • Gameplay so good that you will get engaged in the ancient worlds!
  • A match-3 gameplay which takes you back in the past!


Download: Jewel Raiders for Tango Mod APK


To be honest, not all the puzzle games are worth playing at all – However, this one is an exception because of its extra-ordinary gameplay and the way things work inside it. Just look at this real review from a real player: “I don’t play a lot of games but this one i fall in love from the start.” This pretty much explains how good it really is and shows people are actually loving this adventure filled match-3 game. So are you ready to go back in the fast along with the characters such as “The Mummy” and so on?