Jolly Jam Mod APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Free download Jolly Jam Mod APK to get unlimited diamonds and a lot more! This is a sweet matching game filed with a lot of sweet items such as ice cream, apple, strawberries and so on. The basic gameplay is simple i.e. matching same color elements but still it provides a lot of fun and entertaining for anyone that play it. The game economy runs on “diamond” which can be earned as well as bought via real money – To help out the players, we have added a lot of free currency that can then be used for power-ups, upgrades or whatever the players wish.

Jolly Jam Mod APK

Jolly Jam Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Free Diamonds – Get 3948233200320 diamonds for free and solve the problems like a real professional.
  2. Free Purchases – That’s quite obvious that with the massive amount of free virtual currency you will get in our modified version, you can make totally free purchases in the store of this puzzle game.

It is a fresh puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment. This exclusive match-3 game gives players a chance to experience a completely fresh approach of credible ideas and a fascinating gameplay. Players assume control of Prince Jam who has to try and save Princess Honey and the Jelly Kingdom from the evil Boss. The game has been well displayed with adorable and cute characters coupled with bright and delightful graphics. This game offers an amazing gameplay experience to all players where you will be able to traverse through hundreds of levels, epics and combo attacks. While the game’s specific goal is to defeat the evil Boss and stop his wicked plans, the game also features the removal of certain key pieces from the board hence acting as a puzzle game. To accomplish this, you will be required to draw a box with your finger connecting two similar fruits together. Fruits with the same color will automatically disappear once tapped.

This fascinating game will also take players through a Jolly adventure where you will navigate across the Jolly kingdom, the Lemonade Lake to the chocolate mountains. Through matching the fruit jellies in boxes and battling horrid creatures, players will be able to advance through different levels as they enjoy a fascinating gameplay. It also includes more enjoyable features where players will get a chance to challenge their online friends in exciting battles where you will unleash colorful explosions in order to become the ultimate Jam Master. The first levels of this colorful game may lack challenging experiences but the moment you get to higher levels, you encounter stiff challenges which are enough to keep you active all day long. The basic gameplay experience can’t be compared to other Candy Crash impersonators out there. The game is totally different with unique objectives and obstacles all through the levels. The game is available for download for Android 4.1 version or higher. It will be a great pleasure when you download and play this fascinating candy game.

  • A new but the most sweetest matching game!
  • If you like playing Candy Crush Saga, you will definitely love it too!
  • Filled with soooo many levels!!!


Download: Jolly Jam Mod APK


At first I thought it would be like all the other games out there that focus on matching. However, after playing it for few hours, I realized it is totally different and a lot more fun. The elements, boards, backgrounds etc. all are filled with sweet things such as candy, ice cream, strawberries and so on. Hands down, I would say, it is the sweetest game around the town. Also, it is filled with a lot of levels and according to developers, they define it as: “soooo many levels”. It is developed by a top developer so you can expect a lot of new content as well as updates.