Linkin Park Recharge Mod APK (Unlimited Crystals)

Free download Linkin Park Recharge Mod APK to get unlimited crystals, energy and a lot more! Crystal is the single most important resource of this futuristic action-packed world which is required for power-ups and better equipment. That’s why we have added a massive amount of that currency inside our modded apk. This means you can add new life to your resistance journey & most importantly, you can get better gear! SO download the modified version now and enjoy.

Linkin Park Recharge Mod APK

Linkin Park Recharge Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Crystals – You can get 93503205320 crystals for free! This will help you for sure in the resistance.
  2. Unlimited Energy – Get infinite amount of energy and use it for your advantage against the enemies.
  3. Ads Removed – We have totally removed all type of advertisements from this massive game. Enjoy it in a more better way now!

The world is no longer the same as it used to be once. Game takes place in a bleak future in which humanity is extinct. Almost the whole planet is ruled by hybrids [made from metal and flesh]. They are hostile and depleting the left-over energy and resources of this planet. Now its time, you join the forces of resistance and stop these hybrid monsters from destroying our homeland – which we call earth. Resistance is the last stand of humanity against the hybrids. So do you have what it takes to be a surviving warrior and do you have enough power to kill those creatures?? You got to try this 3D action packed game to find it out. This is an old school fashioned game with a huge wasteland to discover. On top of that, no internet connection is required at all which means you can enjoy it at even remote locations with no connectivity. It requires Android 2.3 and up and have a massive size of 400+ MB.

Linkin Park Recharge modded apk can remove the advertisements too which can be proved a real time saver. According to the developers, no in-app purchase is required to complete the game. During the time I played it, I found their claim is true to some extent but you will have to grind real hard if you want to finish this game without spending real money. Now let’s look at the gameplay: On the first launch, you will have to go through a tutorial but it will not take that long. You will be shown a bird eye view of the environment and that’s how you will play the whole game. There is a lot of stuff to do, like there are more then 100+ different items alone. On top of that, you will have to accomplish 60+ goals to get the rewards associated with them. The loot you will collect in missions can be sold for crystals which can then be used for getting better weapons, gears in the shop. So are you ready to explore more then 50 different missions of this fast-paced 3D game?

  • A highly tactical gameplay that will challenge you!
  • Join the resistance and save the world!
  • Tons of action-packed missions to complete.


Download: Linkin Park Recharge Mod APK


It is immerse and will take you into a future world which is filled with a new type of creature called prototypes. The time I played this game, I found it very engaging especially the vast and in-detailed environment makes it the best action game – It is also big and on every update, new conent is available which makes it a very irresistible offer for anyone. After analyzing it through a lot of tests, we have rated it 9/10.