Little Alchemist Mod APK (Free Gems)

Free download Little Alchemist Mod APK to get unlimited gems, unlimited coins and a lot more! In this graphic rich role playing game, you can enjoy PVP matches and against the computer too! One thing which makes it stand out is the unique artwork and the way gameplay is designed. If you are serious in getting the good cards and combos, then downloading our modded apk is a must – Once you get our hacked version, you will be able to unlock all the currencies which means you can totally dominate every player!

Little Alchemist Mod APK

Little Alchemist Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Gems – Get 39582352305230 gems for free! There is no way to earn them inside the game that’s why we have included a huge amount for free in our hacked version.
  2. Unlimited Coins – You can get 38489230452300 coins for free! These can be used for tons of stuff inside the game!
  3. Cards Unlocked – We have unlocked all the different type of cards present in this RPG.

At the time of witting this, Google Play Store is probably filled with thousands if not hundred of card based games. Almost 99% of them are either clone or are of low quality which is the reason people don’t even bother about downloading it. In such a sea of copy cats, I found a real gem in the form of this game. As soon as you will start it, you will be given an initial deck of 35 cards and a skill to pick. Currently three different type of skills are present such direct damage, healer or attacker. Once you pick any one of the skill, you can start playing against the computer – Once you get hold of how things work in this game, player vs. player option will also become available which is the real fun. During the battle, you can pick 1 card which can also be combined with another card to perform a combo. The power & damage stats of your card and opponent is compared and then damage is dealt.

We have made little alchemist modded apk with the latest version of game! During the time I spent on playing this game, I found the single most important thing is “combos”. Combo is in turn related to the skill you choose at the starting. Every combo have a power ranging from 1-5 and will depend on your skill – example: if you are a healer then you can heal your cards on every turn and so on. I personally prefer the direct attack skill as later down the road, this can be proved as a real savior. Now let’s look at how one can get hard in this game: For every 50 coins, you can get a pack which might contain some very good cards in it. For better packs, you will have to ultimately spend the gems [a rare currency]. Besides that, these can be powered up by game currency too which can either be earned or bought with real money. I would say, it is a fun game filled with a lot of humor which is rare in these type of games.

  •  A RPG which is filled with humor.
  • Full of action and fun graphics.
  • Defeat the boss and save town!


Download: Little Alchemist Mod APK


Combos is the thing where the real fun lies in this application. For the matches, either you play against computer or real human players, you are guaranteed to get the real fun and guess what.. besides playing it, you can also continue to enjoy the unique humor too! If you have Android v2.3.3 and up, you must definitely give it a try.