Monopoly Bingo Mod APK (Free Gems)

Free download Monopoly Bingo Mod APK to get unlimited gems and a lot more! This is a new casino style game with lots of fun and entertainment. Players can play multiple cards for a real challenge in this game – A game currency is also present called as “gems” using which players can enhance their gameplay. To make things more fun, we have added free gems in our modded apk so all players can enjoy!

Monopoly Bingo mod apk

Monopoly Bingo Mod APK have the following features:

  1. Free Gems – This is a money game and if you are short on game’s currency, it means you are missing a lot! That’s why we have added 4324000000 gems for free!
  2. Updated version – The team @insituvue have made this modified/hacked version using the latest available version of app.
  3. Free Purchase – You will have the liberty to buy any item/upgrade etc. you want in the game for free! The reason for this is the massive amount of gems we have added in our version.

Electronic Arts (EA) has decided to break the monopoly through introduction of an exclusive freemium mobile game. The game features an iconic board game with number making features which throws players right into action full of dynamic themes. With every game you unlock, you will have a chance to get more rewards and traverse through iconic cities and properties among them being; St. Charles Place, Illinois Avenue, Connecticut, Mediterranean and New York Avenue. The game’s overall goal is to unlock as many rooms as you can within the available time. In every level, you will have to compete with your online friends while you attempt to do the same thing. Score as many Bingos as you can to earn experience points where you will get more rewards, coins and free daubs. . The game is available for free to all players though you must ensure that your internet connection is active in order to play. It is readily available for download on any Android device.

EA has spiced up this iconic game with additional power-ups such as free spaces, extra rewards and instant Bingo squares. Players’ ability to use these features depends with the amount of lightning bolts they have. Players will further be able to use multi-level boosts to win more games and get more rewards. Collect more community chests throughout the levels and complete fun MONOPOLY themed missions in every room to earn extra boosts, tickets and coins. A maximum of up-to 8 cards will be available for play to enable players engage in extra challenging competitions with their online friends. An auto-daub feature is also available in the game which is automatically activated when you spend the game’s premium currency. The best thing about the game is the travel experience which players get when they traverse through different cities and earn properties. This spices up the game and gives players something unique and dynamic to enjoy compared to other Bingo games.

  • Option to play with up to 8 cards which means more fun!
  • A complete fun game with perfectly themed graphics.
  • You can also compete with friends in the tournaments.


Download: Monopoly Bingo Mod APK


No matter in which way you play this game, it is all fun and entertainment. Back in the day and even today, people still play this game on boards, PC and other devices. However, this one is now available in a new form and to be honest, people are loving it so far. The developers have combined two basic concepts: monoply and the bingo together into 1 main game – So you can say it provides the best of the both worlds. In the end, I am pasting a real review from a real person about this game: “A lot of fun… This is the smoothest and the easiest bingo I’ve found. No bugs, nice features. By far my favorite.”