Need A Hero – Princess Rescue Mod APK (Free Crystals)

Free download Need A Hero – Princess Rescue Mod APK to get unlimited crystals as well as unlimited free coins. After the king’s daughter went missing, our hero decided to go with full force against all the odds to rescue the princes. In the journey of rescue, you will have to solve complex problems to beat the enemies. The days of same old match-3 are over to be honest and now games like this are taking its place. With our modded apk, you can double the fun because it offers free virtual currency being used inside the game.

Need A Hero Princess Rescue Mod APK

Need A Hero – Princess Rescue Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Crystals – Get 948832054230 crystals for free with no strings attached. This will allow you to fight with enemies in more efficient way and more importantly, you can easily save the girl!
  2. Unlimited Coins – Get 39403205023 coins for free and save the king’s daughter like a real hero!
  3. Free Purchases – With a massive amount of totally free coins as well as crystals, you can make free purchases inside the store of this game.

This is an online RPG game which was awarded by Pocket Gamer for the best Android game of the year in 2014. This amazing action adventure game was further awarded for the ‘Best Mobile Game’ at the 2015 Winter Nights Conference. Named as the ‘Game to Die for!’ by, it features an amazing action with lots of adventure for players to enjoy throughout the episodes. Players must accept the role of a hero who must fearlessly face the wrath of the enemy in order to rescue a beautiful princess from the hands of an angry dragon. If you are that player who enjoys solving complex puzzles and embarking on cool adventures, then this game is exclusively designed for you. Players who have gone tired of experiencing the same boring match-three games are also welcomed to experience something different in this epic adventure. The game features long hours of gameplay with lots of enticing adventures with unique challenges zipped under different levels. The stunning graphics and breath-taking sound track employed in this fascinating game makes every player experience a real life adventure.

This fascinating game revolves around a sweet princess who has been abducted by a terrible dragon which has suddenly raided the village. She has been imprisoned in a tall tower where you are the only available hero who can take on the quest. Take full advantage of this amazing adventure by completing epic quests and collecting amazing treasures throughout the game. With your special tactics in combat, battle with hilarious monsters and unleash powerful magic spells to easily conquer your enemies. This amazing experience of the match-three combat is enough to leave every player captivated and hooked to every adventure that entails.  Players will further be able to join the royal tournament where they will get a chance to compete against their friends where the ultimate winner will have a chance to win awesome prizes and become a real hero. The game, which contains one of the best heroic adventures, is readily available for download for free.

  • Be the hero and save the princes!
  • Award wining game of the year!
  • A complete combination of adventure and puzzle.


Download: Need A Hero – Princess Rescue Mod APK


We can see a lot of games which are combining other genres with the puzzle – In this one, you will get mixed feeling of puzzle as well as the adventure. With every match you will make on the board, your hero will attack the enemies – The more same color elements you match, the bigger attack our hero will make… Simple as that! Also it is easy on mobiles because of its low requirements – From what I see on the Google Play Store, it only needs minimum Android v2.3.3 and up to be played. So if you like solving puzzles or experiencing a full fledged adventure, then go for it!