Ninja Heroes Mod APK (Infinite Gold)

Free download Ninja Heroes Mod APK to get unlimited gold, all heroes unlocked and a lot more! Just after few days of being released, the players started appreciating the developers and leaving reviews on how awesome and addictive it really is. The only problem is that it doesn’t reward enough of the currency with normal gameplay and basically requires one to pay real money to get it. We have already solved that by releasing our modded apk that provides the virtual currency for free.

Ninja Heroes Mod APK

Ninja Heroes Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Gold – Get 249210940210 gold for free and stop worrying about not having enough of it anymore – Remember, gold is the most vital currency in this entire game and power-up the game’s economy.
  2. All Heroes Unlocked – We have unlocked almost all the heroes present in this game for free! It is up to now on which one you pick!
  3. Free Purchases – We have added a huge amount of gold which will empower you to buy or upgrade anything inside game store.

Not your usual role playing game at all – It takes you in the world of ninjas where you can learn the forbidden techniques to become the strongest ninja of all times. Unlike other RPG where you have to fight in dark dungeons, this game adapts a different approach and is full of colorful graphics as well as cartoon style characters. The developers “RedGameStudio” are claiming it to be the most anticipated RPG on Android platform and after playing it for few hours, I can clearly see what they were saying. It is multiplayer battle game in which you can not only learn the martial art techniques such as ultimate jutsu, Taijutsu etc. to become the strongest of all times. In total, it contains 100 different jutsu techniques players can learn – Before we go further discussing it, look at this short review by a real player: “I like this game and especially its martial themed gameplay – The only problem I see is it doesn’t reward a lot of gold. Other then that, it is good for time pass.”

Not only there are 100 different techniques to learn but the game also contains 100 different type of ninja – Each one with a different ability. During the battles, often time it becomes a headache to keep fighting just for the sake of earning currency and upgrading. That’s why the developers have introduced a new function called “auto mode”. With this mode, you can easily crush your enemies with simple and easy battles all done automatically. However, I will not recommend using that mode during important battles as there is a high chance of loosing it. If I have to point out 1 most important thing in this game, it is PVP arena – There is a lot more in this game such as leveling up, training, exploring the world and Genin Trial exam, but the PVP arena is a lot more fun and entertaining. The reason is that you fight with real players from all over the world and this creates perfect competition.

  • Fight for friendship, peace and glory.
  • Hundreds of plots and forbidden techniques.
  • Comic style characters with huge variety.


Download: Ninja Heroes Mod APK


Once actually start feeling like he/she have gone back in time when ninjas ruled the world. There is a massive variety of available heroes players can choose from and then there is 100+ type of techniques available. To be honest, it have a lot of potential and I see no reason to not say that hands down it is the most refreshing and innovative RPG I have played in a while. However, it does require Android v4.0 minimum in order to be installed.