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Actually it is an RPG pirates’ game exclusively designed for Android OS. As a leader of a deadly pirates group, your mission is to disembark in a mission through the high seas filled with credible adventures. Each character possesses different powers which make the game roll out with an exciting gaming experience. The game’s tale involves a young man Luffy who was born and raised in Fushia which is a fantasy village inhabited by pirates. While idling in the village, Luffy accidentally ate a demon fruit which in return turned him into a fearless Mr. Fantastic with stretching powers. Taking advantage of his new powers, Luffy sets out in a mission to become the leader of all pirates. To give you an idea of how good this game is, just look at this review from a real user: “I am a huge fan of Naruto cartoon series and that’s why I also loved this game. Its amazing to be honest!”

In the game, you are required to assemble a crew of characters who will help you in battle against a deadly team of antagonists. In order to excel in any combat, you should pay special attention to your control keys where you’re supposed to conduct a precise timing while tapping the buttons. This will ensure that your crew combines forces in a uniform way during war. You will also be rewarded with special abilities for any successful attacks you make. This will keep you strong always and hasten your attacking magnitude creating more chances for victory. In-between stages, players will have the chance to sacrifice unwanted characters in order to recruit new ones with special abilities. Note that, with each successful level you complete, a new epic tale unfolds which means that as the game progresses, you are given the ability to unleash the best of your crew who possesses ultra super powers. With the use of such characters, you will be able to perform chain attacks in different enemy camps which will cause vast damage and earn you points. The game is readily available for download for all devices running the latest Android 4.0 version.

  • Gather your crew and set off for an adventure.
  • Simple tap to create combos!
  • Original story with comic styled characters.




For anyone that love this anime series will definitely love this game too. The story is great, all the characters are present and most importantly, the characters looks more like anime style which is a big plus – As I played it, I realized the first missions are quite easy to do but as you make your way to highest missions, it gets more and more tough. However, that problem can be solved by using our hacked version as it awards free currency. All in all, it is a good game in which you can enjoy an epic adventure.