The Oregon Trail Settler Mod APK (Unlimited Cash)

Free download The Oregon Trail Settler Mod APK to get unlimited settler cash, unlimited coins and a lot more! This is a full fledged city-building experience with tons of mini-games and side activities. Especially, it gives you insider look at how the life, the villages and buildings looked like the Wild West. In order to enjoy the goodness of wild west, you will need to have a lot of cash and coins. That’s why today we have released our modded apk that will provide free currency for all the players.

The Oregon Trail Settler Mod APK

The Oregon Trail Settler Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Cash – Get 84091248204102 cash for free! Remember, this is a premium currency and very rare to earn during gameplay. We have added enough amount of this currency so you can enjoy the game easily.
  2. Unlimited Coins – Get 35935032050328 coins for free! This is the 2nd most used currency in this causal game.
  3. Unlimited Energy – Tired of waiting for countless hours for the energy bar to refill? With our hacked version, you get infinite amount of energy which means everyone can now play the game as long as they want.

This is another free simulation game created by Gameloft for Android. This Wild West-inspired game lets you build your own town, and farm and harvest your own produce. The setup is a combination of farming, tycoon, and simulation games. It starts off by demonstrating how an ideal town would look like, which is filled with houses, shops, farm animals, and produce. You will then be transferred to a small patch of your own barren land where you are expected to build a settlement and houses for your workers. You will also have to grow your own business like planting and harvesting crops. As you go along, there will be missions assigned where you can earn more and challenges which include occasional attacks of bandits, stampedes, and tornadoes. As the game progresses, you will need to accumulate coins and cash in order to complete your village, buy energy, in-game items, and other resources.

The Oregon Trail Settler modded apk is available totally free on our site. The game features two different types of currencies: coins and settler cash. Coins are the main game currency that can be earned through rentals and be used to buy crops and other basic items. Settler cash, on the other hand, is the premium currency used if you want to expand fast and connect to more population. As with other simulation games, settler cash or bucks are sold in the in-app purchase, costing from $0.99 to $99. To be able to complete all farm and settler activities, you will be using up energy which is depleted as you go along. The energy is automatically replenished after a few hours — you may ask your friends to give you some or you can get it as an in-app purchase as well. To gain more cash or coins, just tap the white envelopes, representing quests, which are mini games or tasks that you need to complete to win currencies. All in all, it is another fun and addicting game by Gameloft.

  • So addictive that you will not be able to put phone down.
  • Hundreds of available crops, animals and buildings.
  • Daily rewards, option to visit neighbor villages & more!


Download: The Oregon Trail Settler Mod APK


Unlike other builder games, the graphics of this game are very sharp, bright and colorful. No matter if you play this game hours long, you will not feel it is repetitive or bore even for a single moment. The village looks like real and alive with all the stuff happening in it. Definitely it is a great experience which can be enjoyed on any Android device running on v2.1 or higher.