Pandaria World Mod APK (Free Gems)

Free download Pandaria World Mod APK to get unlimited gems, items unlocked and a lot more! This is a new style of strategy game which takes the payers through a lot of different worlds [all themed differently]. However, the basic goal is same and that is to save the other pandas! To make the gameplay more engaging and easier, we have added free gems which will aid all the players in the gameplay. See you inside!

Pandaria World Mod APK

Pandaria World Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Free Gems – Get 9852305230 gems for free. This is the lifeblood of pandaria world as it it used for getting more lives, unlocking items and so on!
  2. Items Unlocked – We have unlocked all the items… This means now you can play the game more efficiently.
  3. Max Lives – The available lives will always stay maximum all the time, no matter how many times you play it!

This exclusive game has been introduced to give players something new to experience in this new season. The action fantasy defense strategy and creative combat techniques introduced in this franchise are enough to keep every player captivated throughout the gameplay. Players are given an opportunity to experience exciting challenging contests which become more intense as you navigate through the different levels. Players rise from a simple character to become concrete evil slayers as they advance from one level to another. This game features an epic journey through the world, where you’re expected to defend the world against powerful evils and use your ability to save your siblings from the hands of the greatest evils. The game contains 100-levels which are packed with lots of actions for players to enjoy. Each of the levels contains hungry monsters which players must tackle and conquer in order to move to the next level.

With customizable defeat strategies, you will be able to dictate the game through calming down the enemies’ momentum. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of 16 available defensive towers which will play a major role of laying successful attacks to your enemies. It also further offers 4 different characters with each possessing varying abilities. With the use of these characters, you will be able to lay special attack types to your enemies to boost your scores. Rain chains of attacks to your enemies, call for reinforcements and earn more points to unlock more towers and upgrade your characters throughout the levels. The game’s sound track further adds more life to the game as you navigate through 6 different colorful and natural themes. Among the themes you will enjoy include; Beach, Black hole, Cookie, Forest and Halloween. With a diverse range of options offered throughout the gameplay, this exclusive game is enough to leave all game lovers enticed and satisfied as they experience a sublimed sense of dominance.

  • 6 themes with a total of 100+ stages.
  • 4 basic but different characters equipped with diverse abilities.
  • A new type of fantasy defense game!


Download: Pandaria World Mod APK


This is a new type of defense game which is filled with cute characters as well as evil animals spread through out the world of this game. What’s more better is the massive amount of levels or stages it contains – It have 6 different world themes [ Black hole, Halloween, Forest, Beach, Cookie, Music] and contains a total of 100+ different stages. All in all, it provides a great opportunity for those who like tower defense and fantasy style games. It also have a built-in Facebook system which opens a whole new world of opportunities for the gamers.