Prize Claw 2 Mod APK (Unlimited Gems)

Free download Prize Claw 2 Mod APK to get unlimited gems, unlimited coins and a lot more! This is a very rewarding game in which players can get tons of unique and amazing surprises by controlling the mechanically controlled claw. The 2 basic currencies being used in the game are gems as well as coins – These are used for getting new items in this arcade machine style game. That’s why our modded apk is the best way to get these currencies.

Prize Claw 2 mod apk

Prize Claw 2 Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Gems – Get 5883250230 gems for free and enjoy! Remember, this is a very rare currency in this arcade machine style game.
  2. Unlimited Coins – Get 95983250230 coins for free and keep picking up prizes like a boss! Coins are used in vairous things in this game.

It is the latest of the Prize Claw series which incorporates new and advanced features enough to keep all players captivated. The game’s developers, Game Circus LLC have managed to bring out something new and exclusive for players to enjoy. This toy-grabbing arcade game have relieved players off the hustle of going to carnivals and arcades to trade quarters and get a chance to grab the toys as well as candy. Everything has now been simplified by this exclusive game where you will experience all the actions right in your Android device. Step-up in your machine and have a chance to experience awesome powers and effects which include tornadoes, lightening and explosions. You will come across thousands of Claws with each possessing special features and abilities. Traverse through the levels full of fascinating actions and get a chance to collect tons of adorable and charming prizes. With this in mind, go ahead and download this amazing machines game and have a chance to experience exciting actions and adventures.

The game’s limitless missions enable players to navigate through a huge world as they uncover exciting Claw machines with unique abilities. The handsome HD Graphics introduced in this exclusive toy-grabbing game is enough to keep you enticed while you experience amazing actions in the machine world. Unlike other standard grabbing arcade games, It gives players a dynamic gameplay full of challenging missions, unique items and powerful HD effects. Players will have a chance to spin the prize wheel where they will earn more prizes, bonuses and finally the JACKPOT! Use your claw’s amazing powers to give you more chances of grabbing instant prizes in a single grab. As you win numerous tons of prizes and bonuses, players can use of the coins they earn to upgrade their Claws, activate new powers and customize their machines to increase efficiency. There’s no need to worry when you spend your coins since you’ll get more chances of collecting numerous prices and unlock more features.

  • A lot of adorable and charming prizes!
  • Beautiful HD graphics with amazing artwork.
  • No strings attached – Win everything for free.

Download: Prize Claw 2 Mod APK

Almost everyone have seen or used the arcade machine present in stores, parks and so on. The one thing that is common in almost all those machines is that people hardly win anything at those. Now the beauty of this game is that players can win as many prizes as they want without having to spend anything at all. Even I found it a lot of fun as I have never won anything in those arcade machines and this game gives me a little encouragement 😀 It is far better then its first version and new improvements can be seen in almost every aspect of the game.