Puzzle Pets Mod APK (Unlimited Coins)

Free download Puzzle Pets Mod APK to get unlimited coins, unlimited hearts and unlimited leaves. It works on all the Android devices [mobiles and tablets] running on v4.0 or higher. With infinite amount of all the virtual currency and other items, playing this game with our modded apk will make it a lot more fun and entertaining then the actual version. So download it right now and jump on this match-3 adventure right now!

Puzzle Pets Mod APK

Puzzle Pets Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Coins – Get 5903059320523000 coins totally free. Use them for getting hearts, lives, boosters or whatever you want!
  2. Unlimited Hearts – Hearts is an important thing in this game and that’s why we have added 9530250320 hearts for free.
  3. Unlimited Leaves – These can also be bought via coins but we have also added 949324320430 leaves for free.

From the developers desk of Gameloft, a new puzzle game is released which contains cute pets, cute islands and a vibrant match-3 puzzle that will be better then any other game out there! Unlike other puzzle games, where you have to match some elements or blocks, in this one you will have to match animals. Every animal have different colors like pink, yellow, blue, red and so on. Not only they are different in terms of colors, they also have different type of powers, special abilities and personalities. Controls are basically same as other games i.e. swipe. Players can swipe the animals left, right, up or down to match up to 3 same color pets. If you match more then 3, a combo will be activated resulting in clearing a lot more animals. In case if you get lucky and match up to 6 pet animals, 10 combos will be activated at the same time resulting in clearing almost half of the board. Game can only be played on Android devices running on v4.0 or higher.

Puzzle pets modded apk gives you free coins!!! Game consists of 126 exciting levels with increased difficulty after each level. After a series of normal series, boss battle levels also come which is slightly more difficult then the normal ones. The story mode basically consists of several island themed levels, so you have to journey across a whimsical world. Every level have matching scenery on the background too which just makes it a good game to play – Also one do not feel bored thanks to those enchanting scenery which makes it real fun and exciting to play each and every level. Special events is also a main charm in this game and from time to time, new events keep popping up. You can also keep an eye on your friends to see what they are up to along with the standard leaderboards which shows the top players from all over the world. Hearts, coins and leaves are the virtual currencies being used inside the game!

  • An adorable match-3 adventure!
  • Helpers with unique abilities.
  • Lots of boosters and power-ups!


Download: Puzzle Pets Mod APK


It is basically a freemium game with several virtual currencies used in it. Hearts and leaves are needed to play a level or to participate in an event. On the other hand, the coins are used for buying more hearts, boosters, mystery chests and leaves. In a nutshell, the coins are the bloodstream in this game which can be used to get anything you want. That’s why we have added a massive amount of free coins which allows the users to progress more easily.