Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin Mod APK (Free Diamonds)

Free download Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin Mod APK to get unlimited diamonds, unlimited gold and a lot more! This is all new real-time strategy game that will totally redefine your concept of strategy games. In the sea of all the games which sound and look just like CoC, Rival kingdom is about to change it all! To help you progress easily in this online based game, we have added a massive amount of free diamonds! So what are you waiting for? Get your hands our our modded apk now!

Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin Mod APK

Rival Kingdoms Age of Ruin Mod APK features are given below:

  1.  Unlimited Diamonds – Get 85392350230 diamonds for free! This is the most valuable currency in this action packed game and you can even use it to get more gold.
  2. Unlimited Gold – Get 89329952939 gold for free! You can use it for constructing buildings to make new units and so on!

Space Age Games has announced a new franchise which is set to move players into a world of realism and fascinating gameplay. This is their new game which is a real-time strategy action adventure game full of devastating scenes which are enough to keep all players enticed. The game features a creative storyline, a stunning multiplayer combat, explosion action and new characters with each possessing varying abilities. In the game, players are required to unveil the ancient secrets, build powerful kingdoms and unleash unique guild moves and strategies which will enable them crush their foes in this stunning epic warfare. The game features a battle to victory and doesn’t give players a chance to relax. This amazing franchise has gone a mile further as compared to its rival titles through introducing realism where it follows an amazing storyline with easy to follow navigation guidelines which makes the game more enjoyable.

Players are given a chance to use the ancient warriors, Legendary Gods and monsters that possess great powers of nature. Use their devastating strengths to outweigh your enemies during tough battles as you clinch to victory. Players can choose to engage in single player mode or join the MMO-EXPERIENCE through introducing their online friends around the world for the ultimate challenge. The game has also introduced an amazing NEXT GENERATION graphics which are set to give players a dynamic gameplay experience. The MMO game-mode has also been creatively set where you can battle your online friends or form powerful alliances which are enough to crush your enemies. The levels are amazing since they follow an epic storyline which gives all players a real-life gaming experience. As you navigate through the levels, you will have a chance of collecting more bonus points plus other numerous rewards. Accoring to stats, it is among the best RTS mobile games and is available to all Android and Apple devices for a freemium.

  • One of the perfect and best in class PVP experience!
  • Never seen before and revolutionary 300 player raids!
  • Real-time action which you can  control in real time too.


Download: Rival Kingdoms Age of Ruin Mod APK


To be honest, I am very satisfied and impressed with this new game. This is the 2nd game by “Space Ape Games” and I can see it will get as popular as the Samurai Siege! When compared with other games, I found its graphics to be a lot more refreshing and better. The gameplay is also a lot more unique which is a good thing to be honest. People are getting tired of all the games having same gameplay as Clash of Clans. In the last, take a look at this random review we picked from the Google Play Store: “Really getting into this game……sweet on my tablet.”