RunBot Mod APK (Unlimited Coins)

Free download RunBot Mod APK to get unlimited coins, unlimited power cores, battery cells and a lot more! if you are a fan of infinite runners, then you got to check this game out. Especially, now with our modded apk players can get infinite amount of all the stuff like coins, battery etc. Remember, there is no root requirement at all and this game can be played on all the Android devices [tablet + mobile].

RunBot Mod APK download

RunBot Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Coins – We have added 49320503252303 coins for free! This will put you in a better place against all odds.
  2. Unlimited Power Cores – Get infinite amount of power cores in this game. 
  3. Unlimited Battery Cells – Running low in battery? With our version, get 38532050320 battery cells for free!

If you are looking for a good robot running down, hands down this is the best! You will be controlling a bot which was initially designed as a killing machine. Something changed and bot refused to do the bad deeds for their creator. After being gone rogue, you will have to run while avoiding the obstacles and incoming attacks such as drone attacks, laser towers and so on. Almost all the controls required for running game are present in it such as run, fly, flip, race and many more. The beauty of it is that it is endless and the course will keep changing with different type of obstacles. Looks like it utilizes a built-in engine to create endless possibilities of obstacles which is why you will never get bored of it. Currently, Google Play Store is full of clone running games but this one is entirely different! The reason it got our attention was its stunning 3D graphics and a gameplay environment in complete 3 dimensions. So join thousands of other players and download it ASAP.

By downloading runbot modded apk, you can get free coins as well as a lot of other stuff. Touch Arcade, a famous critic had the following views about this: “Stunning in 3D as every background element is wonderfully detailed.”. You can clearly see almost everyone is appreciating the superior graphics it got and when you will play it, you will also join the rest of players. As they say, escaping to freedom is never easy at all – You will have to go through so many tough conditions to gain the freedom. The surrounding area or the environment where you will be playing takes place in a futuristic city, so you can say it shares some roots with Sci-Fi too. Coin, power cell and battery are the resources which will be needed by your running robot. As usual, it is freemium game and all these things can also be purchased using real money inside the game. Remember, upgrading your tech is a must if you want to make it far in this ultimate and futuristic running game.

  • The ultimate robot running game of all times.
  • Different models and 30+ available skins.
  • Three exciting game modes.


Download: RunBot Mod APK


After rejecting the protocol as a killing machine, all forces concentrate on you and will try their best to kill you. Unlike other hit games like temple run, there is a lot to do in this. Like there are 3D graphics, a whole future inspired look and most importantly, tons of things to stop you. The size of this game is very low and on top of that, required Android version is 2.3 or up. I don’t see any reason of why one should not give it a try. Its definitely a good pick for action and sci-fi lovers.