Snow Queen 2: Bird and Weasel Mod APK (Unlimited Gold)

Free download Snow Queen 2: Bird and Weasel Mod APK to get unlimited gold, unlock all power-ups and a lot more! In this movie inspired mobile game, you will have to help the Luta break ice and as you will solve the levels, additional story will be revealed too. We have added a lot of free gold and have also unlocked the especial power-ups in our modded apk which will make the whole playing more easy and fun. See you on the inside!

Snow Queen 2 Bird and Weasel Mod APK

Snow Queen 2 Bird and Weasel Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Gold – Get 90353205032052 gold totally free in this ice themed match-3 puzzle. With such a massive amount, you will be all set!
  2. All Power-ups Unlocked  – All the power-ups are unlocked! This will help you tackle the puzzles in a more better way.
  3. No Root – No root requirement at all. Works on all Android devices running on v2.3.3 or higher.

Actually this game is based on an epic animation film set to be released in 70 countries.. Both the 2 characters of this game: Bird and weasel are also present in this puzzle based game. It is a match-3 type of game but a lot better and contains special effects never seen before. Just like any other match-3 game, you will have to match 3 or more gemstones to remove them from the board. The more number of objects you will match, the better chance you will have of activating a combo. One of the beauty of such games is at times, removing a set of objects creates a chain effect resulting in removing a lot more objects. Luckily this one can also be seen in this movie inspired puzzle. The boards, the objects and almost everything is winter based and that’s why it have snow in its title. In the starting, you will only have access to “Luta the weasel”. Once you start your journey and actually start finishing the levels, you can unlock its bird and can do a lot of adventurous stuff too. 

Snow Queen 2: Bird and Weasel modded apk is made by experts of insituvue. Once you unlock the bird, you will be able to use its special powers too. Bird is a very special character in this game – You can use it to cast the special magic which will instantly vanish the colored gemstones. As you will progress through the levels, more additional power-ups will also get available but don’t let that fool you. As you will get more power-ups, the difficulty will also increase like wise. In terms of the gameplay, I found it much better then the other big names such as candy crush saga and alike. This game is more like a commercial or free publicity of the upcoming movie that will be released in approximately 70 countries. Requirements are pretty basic for that game i.e. only 85 MB free space with Android v2.3.3 or up. Without giving you a spoiler, I would say you can expect a lot of mysterious surprises!

  • A snowy twist on match-3!
  • Both Luta and the bird present!
  • Break ice, solve puzzle and help Luta!


Download: Snow Queen 2 Bird and Weasel Mod APK


Whole game interface and especially the gameplay will give you a winter based look. Also, it is much easy to play as compared to other match-3 games out there. Gold is a game currency that’s used for almost all the things in this game. These can be earned by gameplay or by going in game store and purchasing a pack of them. I would recommend to not buy any coins at all as our hacked version is giving a lot of currency for free. Press the download button above to get it.