Soul Seeker Mod APK (Unlimited Gems)

Free download Soul Seeker Mod APK to get unlimited gems, unlimited gold [coins] and a lot more! It comes with a special supporter system which means a lo of thrilling battles like you’ve never seen before. Also, a lot of items are available to increase the power of your heroes which means you will always have something to do and will never get bored. To help the players advance in this game, we have provided free currency which will allow them to get better items, better weapons and a lot more.

Soul Seeker Mod APK

Soul Seeker Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Gems – You can get 9503050230523 gems for free! This will allow you to do free shopping inside game store.
  2. Unlimited Gold Coins – Get 9940210421 gold coins for free and become the legendary hero of all times.
  3. Lucky Clovers – With our hacked version, you can get 39593205023 lucky clovers for free!

A game that will not only blow your mind but will also let your wildest imaginations come true! This new RPG by com2us features thrilling battles, 100’s of items to collect and craft, 200+ characters and a beautifully designed world. If you have ever played any game from this developer in the past, you will know how engaging and entertaining games they really make. Some of the amazing and hit games they released in the past were summoner war, kung fu pets and a couple more. Basically, this game can be played in both single player and multiplayer modes where you can even participate in 5vs5 PVP matches. For the gameplay it is similar to the summoner war but a lot more better, better graphics, better gameplay and better storyline. For the first time players, it also shows a small tutorial showing the basics of how the game is really played. Even though the players of RPG’s know how to play such games but still the tutorial is great for learning.

As you start for the first, you have to select a hero – Once done, you can start fighting battles right away beating big monsters along with other small enemies to earn the game currency. The game currency can then be used for upgrading or getting better equipment from the store.The single player mode is interesting and very interactive but the real fun lies in the multiplayer modes as in that you are fighting with real players. It have 5v5 PVP battle arena and a tower mode in which you have to fight up in co-op with other fellow players. The basics are same just like any other role playing title you have played in the past. However, it offers a huge variety in terms of items and heroes. At the time of writing this, there are more than 200 available heroes and almost same amount of support bandits [pet] which will accompany you through out the game. Remember that each player have different abilities, so make sure to try out all of them!

  • Explore A New World!
  • Option to play with more 200 characters.
  • Available in multiple languages!


Download: Soul Seeker Mod APK


The number of available heroes is the main attraction of this game in my opinion. According to developers, more than 200 options are available and on top of that, each one have its own unique powers – So just for trying out the heroes, it will take a lot of months. Then there is its PVP matches where up to 5 players can face other 5 players. All in all, it provides a nice experience for anyone that is looking for a solid role playing game.