Sundown: Boogie Frights Mod APK (Free Fuel)

Free download Sundown: Boogie Frights Mod APK to get unlimited fuel, ammo and a lot more! Welcome back to 1978 where zombie outbreak is at full swing. The only hope left is you and you got to step up to take the responsibility. TO help yo survive and expand, we have added free resources in our modified verison (Android hack) of this game which will ensure your survival!

Sundown: Boogie Frights Mod APK

Sundown: Boogie Frights Mod APK features

  1. Free Fuel – This is the only paid resources in this game. We have added 9325002300 fuel for free in our hacked version so you can continue playing this game without any interruptions. This can be used for speeding up the building speed & other things.
  2. Ammo & Steel – These are also important resources for this survival game. Ammo is for weapons and the steel is for buildings. You will get 4,500,000 of each resources (This is the max limit).

Did someone said zombies? Its the summer season of 1978 and everywhere you see, its just zombies looking out for any left over survivors. However, that’s not going to happen on your watch as you got to protect that town of somewhere, New Mexico. To do that, you will have different type of heroes on your side as well as you can create your very own army to defend the town against the undead. Sounds cool right? In this strategy game, you will have to do a lot of different rescue tasks and killing of the undead. Jimmy is the tough guy and can be used for rescue missions. Roxy is in charge of looting to collect the valuable resources for the team and so on. Did I mentioned that you can bomb the undead with a wide range of weapons? Think of cannonballs, fireballs, basketballs and even cows!

Android v4.0.3 and up is the minimum requirements for running this zombie style strategy game. There are a lot of things you can do in this game and is not just limited to rescue or shooting zombies. You will also have to design your town in a maze style to slow down or even confuse those half brain monsters. However, there is also another dimension to this game – You are not just being a good guy who helps the people and do good deeds. From time to time, you will also have to steal resources from other players in the living world of this game. So just like any other strategy game, you will be plying alongside other players and also busting out the head of any undead that causes trouble for you. In the end, the question comes: Is this game worth playing? Its definitively worth playing and is unique-of-a-kind which makes it a good option for any strategy lovers. You will have to rescue, survive and even fight with other players.

  • Upgrade and unlock different type of 70s themed zombies.
  • Low on resources? Loot the resources from other players with your own army.
  • Turn your town into a difficult maze of buildings to confuse the undead!


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Its a dog eat dog world in this game. The game starts in the season of summer but the weather ain’t the hottest thing in the town… Its the undead and hordes of them moving here and there searching for any sign of survivors.. The palyers duty is to find and help the survivors, collect resources and protect the town from incoming attacks. There are also other players in the virtual world of this game from which you can steal too. That’s the game in a nutshell and in my opinion, it is a unique game with really good graphics and smooth gameplay. I will end my verdict with this review from a real player of this game: “You get to shoot those monsters, survive the attacks and the best part is the 70s theme. I really like it!”