Tail Drift Mod APK (Infinite Coins)

 Free download Tail Drift Mod APK to get unlimited coins, all planes unlocked and a lot more. Another important feature present in it is infinite fuel which means that now players will no longer have to wait for it to refill. In this high speed arcade racing, precision and better driving is all that matters. Also the plane you are driving and the upgrades you have finished will ultimately play an important role in the wining – So download our modded apk today to get access to free virtual currency and enjoy.

Tail Drift Mod APK

Tail Drift Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Coins – Get 98494230000 coins for free and enjoy this racing game in true sense.
  2. All Planes Unlocked – All the different type of planes are unlocked as well as upgraded for free.
  3. Infinite Fuel – No one wants to wait so the fuel get filled in the plane. That’s why we have added infinite fuel and it will always stay full!

If you replace the normal tracks and vehicles of Mario kart with tubes and planes, you get this game. That’s what pocket gamer said and to be honest, this game is addictive and entertaining as the Mario kart. The race tracks are more like twisted tubes going up in the sky with crazy turns and all that stuff. The developers are calling it a 360 degree arcade racer and when I played it for first time, I experienced the same. When you fly your plane through the twisted and crazy tracks, you can get a full 360 degree view of the environment and the tracks. The environment where the races take place are also very unique and and fantastic such as foating islands, ancient temples and desert canyons. To be honest, this flying racing game have a lot of potential and its unique and interactive gameplay makes it a must-have racing game of this year.

Tail Drift modded apk is made using latest version of game! In the start, players can only access the default plane. However, once you have completed some tracks and have earned the game currency, more advanced planes can be unlocked too. The rule that one size does not fit all also applies here so you have to be careful on picking a plane for race. Driving, speed, acceleration are some of the aspects related to the planes – So you have to careful on what plane you take for the race as that will strongly impact the outcome of the race. IN total, it contains 18 unique events taking place on 7 beautifully hand-crafted tracks. It is up to the players on what event type they want to choose including Classic Race, Time Trial, and Time Extension. In terms of graphics, gameplay, sound and the unique hand-crafted tracks, this game is definitely the best – Also if you love playing the mario kart, you will definitely like this mobile game too.

  • Compete with friends to dominate the Leaderboards!
  • More then 18 unique events to compete in.
  • A lot of powers to gain the competitive edge over others.


Download: Tail Drift Mod APK


Controlling the plane might seems hard for the first time but once you get hold of it, it will all be a nice flight. The speed of planes are really fast but that doesn’t mean that you will not be able to see the environment of tracks and so on. For the in-app purchases part, some people are complaining and I am with them on that – This game is really heavy when it comes to in-apps – That’s why we made our hacked version that can give free currency. All in all, I have to admit it is a fun game and everyone that like racing games should try it out.