Treasure Diving Mod APK (Free Gems)

Free download Treasure Diving Mod APK to get unlimited gems, unlimited coins and a lot more! This adventure takes under deep water where you will discover a whole new world! To play it in a more better way with better items, you will need a lot of currency. That’s why it is recommended that you download the latest version of modded apk from The download button is located at the bottom [latest version]. So get it ASAP if you want to get those free gems and coins!!!

Treasure Diving Mod APK

Treasure Diving Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Gems – Get 9975203205023 gems totally free and enjoy this underwater adventure in a whole new way!
  2. Unlimited Coins – Get 385005032509329 coins totally free and get ready for the great discoveries this game offers.
  3. Latest Version – We have made this modified version using the latest version of game as available on Google Play Store.

The breathing line… Dive into the deep blue sea and chance upon a shipwreck with this amazing underwater app adventure, Treasure Diving! The seabed harbors breathtaking discoveries, artifacts and even magical recipes. Salvage all the treasures while you could before the scheming witch finds you there. Beware of the ferocious Kraken out to never let you leave the ocean. These are just the many hurdles you are about to encounter in this journey into deep! Get your diving gears ready before the gluttonous pirates steal the scene. With over 100 extraordinary treasures to unfold at a thousand feet deep above sea level, you’ll soon find yourself with throve of exotic marine life and pre-historic edifices. Can’t wait to take the plunge? Remember, it requires Android 2.3 and up to install which I think is just normal. Almost all the devices these days are running on higher android version then the required 2.3.

The remnants to behold… Submerge your imaginations into a colorful deep-sea treasure hunt when you download Treasure Diving! If you want to enjoy the true graphics this game offers, then get a high end device to view the majestic realm where the mermaids dwell. Explore the depths with an old map to rescue Captain Jack from the dreadful magic spell! While you’re under the water, take the 30 challenging sea voyages that wait for you to complete! You can almost live there if you want, as there are over 25 structures to build. Carrying out a historic dig never sound so exciting with over 50 undersea creatures to keep you company. The deep-set city hosts golden treasures from the galleys. With the new update, you’ll find greater discoveries with the ancient Stonehenge hidden somewhere. Your diving buddy named Ben will surely need your help to lead this search and find for some answers.The lingering mysteries that are washed away by the tides from the past centuries are buried deep into the ocean! Don’t forget to return and bring home your looted treasures!

  • More then 30 exciting expeditions to complete!
  • Awesome colorful graphics like never seen before.
  • Explore a whole new world under water.


Download: Treasure Diving Mod APK


If you are like me and always wanted to do something under-water, then this is your chance. This is a full fledged underwater experience and its adventure filled gameplay just makes the whole deal more sweeter. There is a lot in it that you can enjoy like discovering stuff, fabulous graphics & more then 100 articrafts to discover.