Tribal Wars 2 Mod APK (Unlimited Crowns)

 Free download Tribal Wars 2 Mod APK to get unlimited crowns, unlimited wood, unlimited iron and all the other resources! This is the 2nd installment of one of the most oldest strategy game of all times. Being available on both browser and mobile devices, it have gained quite a lot of popularity among gamers. The developers at insituvue have now developed a modded apk with which players can get free  resources in this game. So download that hacked version now and enjoy the game like a real king.

Tribal Wars 2 Mod APK

Tribal Wars 2 Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Crowns – Get 83853295932953 crowns for free! This is the premium currency and very hard to earn by gameplay.
  2. Unlimited Wood – Get 985329593259 wood for free. This resource has multiple uses and is being used in a lot of things.
  3. Unlimited Clay – Get 8839592359329 clay for free! This is an important building material used in this game.
  4. Unlimited Iron – An important resource and that’s why we have added 499340234320432 iron for free!

A typical strategy game where you have to build a castle, collect resources, raise massive armies and to attack others. All that usual stuff which is present in other strategy games is also present in it. This is the 2nd installment of Tribal wars which was released last year and it received more then 1 million installs from all over the world. The critics are claiming this new installment will get way more popular then the first one and I got to admit with them on that. Gameplay revolves around the middle age which is similar to a lot of other games. In the starting, players will start with a very small settlement consisting of some basic buildings. Then follows a short tutorial teaching the basics of how to play and such. With time, you can unlock more buildings which will help in expanding and making your kingdom more stronger. Different buildings serve different purposes and its associated functions can be accessed by visiting it. Like for troops, you have to visit barracks.

Tribal Wars 2 modded apk is free to download and requires no root. If you look at the title of game, you will realize it contains “tribe” word. In a nutshell, this game is geared towards tribe system which is a group of persons joined together to help each out and most importantly, for protection. Players can join an an already established alliance/tribe or they can create their own. For new players, I will recommend to join an already existing alliance as creating a new one is like inviting others to attack you. Attacking other is very simple: You have to send over your troops to other villages and if you win, your troops will bring back the resources too. Each city is assigned “loyalty” which will decrease on each attack. Once a city loyality level reaches zero, the owner will have to seize control of it. So if you want to knock out some player in this game, you got to keep attacking them until their loyalty reaches zero. Another benefit I see in this game is that it is Built on one of the longest running games in the genre. So you can expect updates and new content often…

  • Graphics so good that they add life in the game.
  • One city to rule them all!
  • 16 type of buildings and 13 type of units.


Download: Tribal Wars 2 Mod APK


There are a lot of new concepts and features in this one that makes it unique. On top of that, it has been developed by a developer who knows the ins and outs of this genre. Their first installment is considered as the oldest strategy game on entire Google Play Store. Also the community is very active as it was also available for a long time in the form of browser version. So there is also a lot of possible options to play this one: Either on the browser or by downloading the app on the mobile phone. The choice is yours as both will deliver non-stop action and real time fun.