War Inc. – Modern World Combat Mod APK (Full Unlocked)

Free download War Inc. – Modern World Combat Mod APK to get unlimited fusion core, unlimited fusion cell and a lot more. In this war of 2085, you will definitely need a lot of resources. To help out the players of this game, we have added a good amount of all the required resources in our modded apk. This way, they will not have to pay real money for getting them or grinding their way to earn these. So simply download our modified version and enjoy – Remember, minimum Android v2.3.3 and up is required to play it.

War Inc. - Modern World Combat Mod APKWar Inc. Modern World Combat Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Infinite Fusion Cell – Get 98324200 fusion cell for free and take your battles to the next level!
  2. Infinite Fusion Core – Get 2491204120 fusion core for free – An important resource in this futuristic war!
  3. Others – You will also get 32583205320 of fusion array & fusion cluster for free.

This is an exclusive RTS game which features an epic MMO modern combat designed for the future. The gameplay is set in the year 2085 where players are supposed to command a troop of commandos in a war which involves the use of advanced and sophisticated weapons. With the rising tension for the start of the 3rd world war, the world’s most powerful Governments are in the verge of war where a new power has emerged known as War Corp. Your main mission in this fascinating game is to develop a powerful army and build advanced towers which will enable you to engage in stiff battles against thousands of enemies in a bid to win precious prizes and gain power. This game has been named as one of the best military games where players are able to enjoy credible military tactics, detailed military units and an immersive combat gameplay which leaves any player planning and strategizing their moves on how to outwit the enemy.

This modern war game enables players to train their army as they prepare for an RPG battle which is set to bombard at any time soon. Prepare to hire the most powerful commanders, best snipers and experienced marines who are well versed in operating heavy machines such as scorpion tanks which will lay chains of attacks in the enemies’ territories. Players are further able to conduct drone strikes, initiate nuclear attacks as well as ground attacks with your best marines. With the most powerful weapons at your disposal, you will have the power to unleash deadly attacks on your enemies. The use of stealth technology, super HAARP weapons and other fascinating and creative weapons makes the game even more enticing. With every victory recorded, players will have the chance to upgrade their army as they traverse through the different levels. You can choose to join millions of players online to engage in combat for a chance to increase your ratings and top as the best online player.

  • Several levels deep upgrade system!
  • Multiplayer mode with millions of players worldwide.
  • Hundreds of missions in the single player campaign.


Download: War Inc. Modern World Combat Mod APK


If you have yet to play this game then I will recommend to do it now – It is the *real deal* to be honest with all the amazing features you can think of. Unlike 99% of the strategy of war games out there that take you in the past where swords and all that stuff was used in the wars – This one takes you in the future with weapons, tanks and gear that you can only imagine. After playing it for few days, all I got to say is that hands down it is the best RTS I have played so far!