War Zone: World of Rivals Mod APK (Free Diamonds)

Free download War Zone World of Rivals Mod APK to get unlimited diamonds, unlimited food, metal and a lot more! A lot of people were complaining how it is totally impossible to progress and even survive without spending real money. That’s why today we released our all new modded apk that will provide totally free diamonds as well as a lot of other useful resources! With such a massive amount of diamonds, you can upgrade your buildings, get better gear and can complete constructions instantly too! Press the download button at the bottom to get it now!

War Zone World of Rivals Mod APK

War Zone: World of Rivals Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Diamonds – Get 94598235023503203 diamonds totally free! This will help you in growing your military empire and most importantly, you will become the most dominant force in entire game!
  2. Unlimited Metal – Get 94983258302503205320 metal totally free and use it for your defense and all the other stuff!
  3. Unlimited Food – Farms not producing enough food? With our modified version, you can get 93590328532050320 food totally free!

The year is 2020 and world is in complete chaos. All the cities, governments have fallen and the rivals are now fighting for the power, control and complete domination in this new area of chaos. The question is, are you ready for the post-apocalyptic War Zone? This is what this game is all about! It is developed by a top developer “tap4fun” and is a combination of battle strategy and online war simulation. Hands down, currently it is the only strategy game out there that offers the best 3D graphics and delivers modern warfare technology all in 1 mobile game. You can say it is the clash of clans but instead of taking place in dark ages, it happens in the future [year 2020] where the only reason of fight is for complete domination. Despite the fact that it is a high-end game with stunning 3D graphics, the required Android version is only 2.3 and up. This means more and more players can join this real time battle simulation.

War Zone World of Rivals modded apk is the only way to get free virtual currency! The players start with establishing a fortress. Only its name is fortress but in reality, it will be more like your base filled with all high tech buildings with futuristic weapons and war machinery. Once your fortress is established, the next step is to grow it into a military empire. One of the most important aspect of almost all the strategy games is securing as much resources as possible… This is also true for this modern warfare game. You have to manage production to fuel your war machine… Once you are confident that you are strong enough, only then join an alliance to start participating in wars against other alliances or random players. For joining an alliance, make sure you pick a strong one as in case if you need help, the other members can also help you out. So what are you waiting for? Explore more strategic and diplomatic options by playing it right now!

  • Use the best strategy to dominate opponents.
  • Use your power to define the new world order.
  • Evolve your ordinary outpost into a military empire.


Download: War Zone World of Rivals Mod APK


It offers a complete experience of modern warfare, strategy and real-time battle. Gone are the days when you are fighting with dark age weapons such as swords, arrows and such. It takes the players into the near future where destines are shaped overnight and wars are fought with weapons and technologies that you no one ever heard. This is what war zone is all about!