Way to Gold Mod APK (Unlimited Credits)

Free download Way to Gold Mod APK to get unlimited credits, infinite power ups and a lot more! In this journey of digging gold, you will have to help out the Joe and Nuggy in doing that. To help all the players and most importantly to make the gameplay more easy, we have added a huge amount of free credits in our modded apk – This means all players can get all the stuff from general store totally free now!

Way to Gold Mod APK

Way to Gold Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Credits – Get 9942304038248320 credits for free! Use for for power ups, extra time or anything you want!
  2. Power ups Unlocked -All the type of power ups such as drill, floater, replicator, fire nuggy etc. are unlocked!
  3. Trick Shots Unlocked – All the trick shots such as super bomb, splitter, reverser, coal nuke etc. are unlocked!
  4. Extra Time – With the infinite amount of free credits present in our hacked version, you can get as much extra time you want! 

It seems everyone have played the match-3 games at some point in their life but how about the match-4?? I am sure, no have even heard of it set aside playing it. This is what this game is all about as you will have make your way to an epic gold mining journey! Unlike the match-3 where you have to match 3 elements of same type, in this one you got to match 4 elements of same type. Sure, the difficulty level is dialed up but this means more fun and more thinking of how to solve the challenges. The last time I checked, there were more then 200 challenging levels in this game – So you can’t categorize it as normal at all… I would say it is a new breed in the puzzle category with increased difficulty too! Besides the amazing levels, it also got entertaining soundtrack and a lot of fun animations. Want to play it? Well, if you have any Android device running on v4.0 then you can definitely play it easily!

Way to gold modded apk can be downloaded by pressing download button below! Joe and Nuggy, these are the 2 main characters of this game. Now let’s look at how to play it: On every level, you are presented with a board full of gold nuggets and charcoal. Matching 4 or more gold nuggets cause them to be removed from the board. On the other hand, the coal elements are just there to stop you from doing that. Game relies on a built-in engine that cleverly puts the coal at specific locations thus making it difficult to match those golden nuggets. During the initial levels, coal will not be a problem at all. However after each passing level, it will get only better at stopping you :) Power-ups are also available in different forms such as bombs and so on. Make sure that you use these power-ups carefully and wisely as at the end of day, it can make a huge difference. So without waiting any more, jump on this match-4 fever right now!

  • Unique zones full of a variety of fun puzzles.
  • Help Joe and Nuggy make their way to riches [gold].
  • Account creation option allows you to transfer your progress on any other device!


Download: Way to Gold Mod APK


People are loving this game to be honest. Just look at this review picked randomly from Google Play Store: “It have the best music I ever heard! When I play it in morning, I absolutely forget about eating breakfast too! When you play, you just get hooked to it – I will give it 10/10 rating as its really really good!”