The Witcher Battle Arena Mod APK (Unlimited Crowns)

Free download The Witcher Battle Arena Mod APK to get unlimited crowns, all heroes unlocked and a lot more. Unlike Other MOBA, this one is not complex at all and contains months long action packed gameplay. The game currency “crown” is essential and without it, you can’t really win the big matches. That’s why we recommend you to download our new modded apk that not provides that currency but also unlocks tons of other stuff too! Download link is at the bottom [compatible with tablet and mobile].

The Witcher Battle Arena Mod APK

The Witcher Battle Arena Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Crowns – Get 39858235902035023 crowns for free! So much free currency that there will be no more need of paying for it.
  2. Heroes Unlocked – All the different type of heroes exclusive to this series are now unlocked in our version.
  3. Equipment/Gear Unlocked – It contains a huge variety of gear as well as equipment. We have unlocked all of it so you can have total control in the arena.

A 2nd title of the witcher series is now available for the mobile devices including Android. Just like the last one, it is also a multiplayer online battle arena style game with more action, better graphics and a whole new gameplay story. Android Police, a famous game critic said the following words about it: “A Surprisingly Great Free-To-Play Experience.” Our own reviewers have looked into it closely and the graphics, gameplay, controls and overall gameplay environment is pretty promising to be honest. For the in-app purchases, unfortunately you will have to ultimately spend money on it. In case if you don’t then be ready because playing the game or unlocking new content will just get more and more harder. With the release of our new hacked version, one can easily get free currency too! So if you are one of those people, you can get the modified version too!

The witcher modded apk is made using latest version of game. The initial game size as listed on Google Play Store is 26 MB but don’t let it fool you. As soon as you will launch it for the first time, you will be forced to download additional data [150 MB+]. As it is basically an online game, a lot of stuff is also present on the servers of developers. The gameplay is very interesting yet still straight forward: The game plays in a top-down isometric view of batte arenas filled with enemies. The way to win in this game is by capturing all the control beacons present in the arena. If you and your teammates fail to capture it, the other team who did it first will win. SO you can say, its all about who capture the control beacons first. Having powerful heroes and better equipment also plays a very important role. The game currency “crown” is used for all the things & if you got enough of it, you can practically buy any stuff you want inside the game.

  • Based on critically acclaimed video game series.
  • Solo and team play ready.
  • Short but intense matches – Perfect for on-the-go gaming.


Download: The Witcher Battle Arena Mod APK


Graphics look very in-detailed and good on the mobiles as well as tablets. Especially when you launch the attack, the lighting effects are quite attractive and top notch. If you are into action gaming and especially the online battle type, then you got to give this a go. It is free from bugs or lags and works perfectly on any device running Android v4.0 and up.