X-War Clash of Zombies Mod APK (Unlimited Crystals)

Free download X-War Clash of Zombies Mod APK to get unlimited crystals, unlimited power stones and a lot more! In this strategy game, players can create their own team of heroes to fight off the increasing threat of zombies. Game relies on multiple resources and currencies, however the crystals are the one that are most rare and can be used to buy anything in the game. That’s why we have added a huge amount of that currency as well as some other stuff too that will only help all the players!

X-War Clash of Zombies Mod APKX-War Clash of Zombies Mod APK features are given below:

  1. Unlimited Crystals – Get 9593205032000 crystals totally free! No more spending real money to get some crystals!
  2. Infinite Power Stones – Get 9923449899 power stones for free! These will be enough for months long duration!
  3. Unlimited Food – Get 39590325302052 food totally free – For surviving and making a massive army, you will definitely need a lot of food.

After the outbreak of zombies, the world is in complete chaos. To save the world and especially the human beings, you must build the base, train troops and make it the home for the other human beings! Not only you have to expand and upgrade your base, you will also have to fight the incoming zombie attacks. In a nutshell, that’s what this game is all about. However the real attraction this game contains is the massive diversity of heroes present in it. It looks like someone have added all the super humans known till this date in this very game – From Super Man to Iron Man to Goku To Thor and so on… I believe all the super heroes I know of are present in it and this very fact makes it the best strategy game of all times. This doesn’t end here… The enemies you will have to fight are also not the common too – You will be fighting with mutants, bosses and enemies equipped with super powered weapons. All that goodness and guess what… The minimum required Android version is just 2.3!

X-War Clash of Zombies Modded APK is made using latest version of this game! Besides the usual strategy gameplay, there are also fast-paced combats. Like in other games which offer “alliances”, this game offers “leagues”. Joining one of them has its own perks and most importantly, you can help each other out too. Almost all the leagues take part in league wars too which is a good way to rise through the ranks and make it to the top. To be honest, I can see this game going real big in matter of time. In terms of gameplay, sound, graphics and whatever you can think of – This game beats even the #1 strategy game “clash of clans” with big margins. However this doesn’t end here… THe developers are claiming to add a lot more cool stuff in the upcoming updates which means this game is only going to get better and better with each passing day! So what are you waiting for? Download this apocalyptic theme based game right now!

  • All the super heroes in 1 game!
  • Create your own troops and save the world!
  • If you are looking for a sci-fi strategy combat game, this game is the best one for you!


Download: X-War Clash of Zombies Mod APK


The idea of adding all the super heroes right in one game and then fighting with the zombies seems like worked! From the initial reviews on Google Play Store, it seems like people are really *really* loving this game so far. Just look at this review: “This is nothing wrong with it at all! I was playing clash of clans for years but after playing this new game for a while, I got hooked to it & uninstalled COC! Recommended to all!”. Our editors have also given it a solid rating of 9.4 out of 10.0 which only a few titles manage to achieve.